Around the world. (Part 1)

Traveling is such an amazing thing to do if you are curious to know the world. I am very  happy  to have been  to many different  places. I still have many more  places I want to see. I enjoy  planning  a trip. Will it be  during spring or fall ? How long should  last my trip ?   What will be the main activity ? I resist the  summer trips when cities or hotels are very busy. I guess this possibility comes at a certain age. I like to buy a book or borrow one at the library and research what tourist attractions, parks, museums or even restaurants  we could be interesting . We choose the dates of our trip. We book  flight and  hotels . I can spend  hours on the web making sure the location of our hotel is good. I am not booking very expensive hotel rooms. I know I will be in the room only to sleep and have a shower. I am still  at home, months ahead of  a trip but it my mind I am already living it. I can’t wait to prepare my suitcase. I try very hard to pack light. Not always easy! But I think the more I do it I am able to pack only what I really need.

During our trips, I take lots and lots of photos. They are my memory and my best souvenir.  I don’t have a heavy and sophisticated camera. It is compact and I appreciate  it. I don’t buy stuff. But if I fall in love with a little souvenir it is inexpensive, small and not breakable. Something useful like earrings or a little metal box.  I take notes , write a little diary but I have little time to write to friends or family. Now with Instagram and What’s app it is so easy to communicate and you  don’t have to say much. But most of all I want to appreciate the moment. Enjoy the food, the landscapes, discover and see as much as possible. I also  want to have a good time  with people I visit . Sometimes  we go  where friends live. We are combining visiting and tourism.

2003. You can see one of the first photo I took shortly after I bought my first digital camera.  We were on a family road trip in British Columbia. I wonder how many flags you  know. I used to study them for fun.  In front of this concrete wall are my two boys.

When I return home, I download my photos and  edit them. As soon as I can I start a  book.  I have used Blurb for almost 10 years. I prepare a personal book with text and photos after each major trips. Is there a better way to keep our trips alive ? I  also like to share  with Flickr and 500px. It is interesting to offer  images of places people will dream about or rethink of a trip they have done in the same area.

For me a picture is very important. One day I saw a photo  of the cliffs taken in Bonifacio, Corsica. I knew that one day I would go there and I did in  July, 2007.

We have done road trips, bike trips, walking trips. I liked them all. Just for fun I counted how many countries I have been to. Including Canada where I live I have been to 16 countries. It is not a lot but I am not in competition with anyone.

When I was still a teenager, I went to France, England and Wales. Later in life,  I went to  USA, Denmark, Switzerland and  Italy.

Other countries I visited are :  Mexico, Cuba, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Netherlands ( only Amsterdam).

In my next post I will share a few pics taken in North America.

Thank you so much for reading. Your comments are always very much appreciated.



Driving from PD to YVR

After good time in Southern California, visit in Arizona and New Mexico, it  was time to say good bye and hit the road to get home in Vancouver , BC.


A road trip means that sometimes you get to be on the road early , stop only  when necessary, sleep and repeat until you reach your final destination.  With 2240 km to cover in 3 days, it is more or less what we did.

On Day 1, we drove in California with nice weather  until we arrived in Sacramento.  We drove just in front of the beautiful California  State Capitol.  The Neoclassical structure was completed between 1861 and 1874. The building is based on the US Capitol building in Washington DC. I took some shots that day but we also came back to see it with better light  the following  morning.



On Day 2, we drove 857 km. The morning  ride was wet. But it didn’t stop me to take photos through the window.


We left  California and  drove in Oregon until we arrived in Salem which is also the capital of that state. We didn’t make any visits  but enjoyed a nice dinner in a Mexican restaurant.20160305_181310

On Day 3, we only had 584 km on the road. We went by Washington State without stopping unless it was necessary. Normally, we have a picnic and we make a quick stop in a rest area. DSC02673

Here is a shot of Seattle seen from Highway #5.


We  finally crossed the border and said:  Hello Canada !!

After 53 days away and so many fun adventures, we felt blessed to be back home with great memories. When I write this blog, I relive my trip and  I enjoy it one more time. I hope you enjoyed it also.  Every year, I am lucky to go to many places and I don’t always have enough time to write about it. Soon, I will tell our story  when we were in  to France and Spain  last year (2015)  as I didn’t share it yet. But first, I will write about our visit in Eastern Washington State . With some interesting photos.

Thanks again for reading and/or taking time to tell me what you think when you read my post. I’ll be back soon with other FUN and LIFE adventures.

Miles after miles…(or km after km)!!

January 15 and 16, 2016

Today,  the story of our road trip continues… On the road,  we go. We get up early and we are on the highway with daylight. Not much to report until we get south of Oregon and are  driving in higher elevation which means snow  but fortunately not on the road. I grab my camera and snap a few shots. It rains and for  more than 2 hours we get that scenery and then no more white stuff.   Northern CALIFORNIA  has some big mountains  with snow on it  but  we keep heading south.

From time to time, I ask my husband about the temperature. It is getting warmer for sure. We will be driving all day and only stopping when necessary for gas, restroom break and  eating in a rest area. We always find it easier if we have food with us having done the shopping the day before. We don’t have to find a restaurant and “waste” time. And I must say it is also healthier and economical. When you have many miles/km to cover and the daylight is short, you just want to get to the next hotel and relax. Now, that we were in USA, we tried to think miles and Fahrenheit. For two days, we just drove and drove. All our hotels had been booked ahead knowing what distance we could cover and not making it a too long day.  With the GPS, we got to our destinations easily.  Sometimes, we listened to music.  I always bring my favorite CD  with me. Sometimes, we were chatting or we just stayed quiet and admired what was around us. We share the road with big trucks. We notice the changes in the landscape. I never stopped taking photos although the windows were getting quite dirty. All  the photos with snow were taken while driving.  But I was not the driver, of course !




This is probably Black Butte, elevation: 3,918 feet/1194 meters.

And here are some old fashion posters we saw in a nice rest area, off HWY # 5.

DSC00259            DSC00256

Then finally, one late afternoon, in a city where we had time to go for a walk before dark, I saw a tangerine tree. This would not be possible in Canada!!


The story of this road trip  is just starting. We have many more days ahead of us of this 55 days trip. I will be back soon with another post. Thanks for reading.




Road trip, 2016

It has been almost 3 months since I wrote on my blog. Well, let’s say it has been a busy time. I was gone on a 55 days road trip in USA. I will try to tell part of it in the next posts. Today I just want to say it was a great trip with lots of sunshine, many amazing places, learning new things, being outside a lot for different activities like cycling, walking or swimming, visiting some friends, relaxing also. Once again we just enjoyed life to the MAX.

This whole trip needed some planning but not so much. When you know where you want to go, it is easy. You pack according to the places to will visit and the weather. We were heading south but it didn’t mean we would wear shorts all the time! So I had a special bag with warmer clothing. And because we were traveling by car it was easy to bring more stuff just in case. We even brought along our bicycles.

Leaving Vancouver in January means: “Bye Bye, rain”.  We actually stopped in Portland (Oregon) and luckily we were able to go for a long walk in the city and take some photography.  Portland is an interesting city with lots of cyclists, breweries and The Portland Trailblazers basket-ball team. They also have the famous Voodoo Doughnut, known for its unusual doughnuts, eclectic decor, and iconic pink boxes featuring the company logo and illustrations of voodoo priests. Open 24 hours!! This spot is usually so busy and has line ups. We were lucky as it was a cloudy Wednesday afternoon and we got inside right away.  Now, I can say: “Been there, done that!”  We also went to Moda Center for a basketball game. Always fun to do.

For today it will be all I will write. I share a few photos and I hope to have time another day to write about the following days of our adventure on the road. Thanks for reading.


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