Around the world. ( Part 3)

I love going to Europe.  It feels so different than North America.  It is rich in history. Everywhere I  stop to  take photos. They help to  keep the memories alive.

The first countries I visited in Europe are France, UK and Wales. Then Denmark, Switzerland , Italy and Spain. There is not a country I like best . They are all interesting to me. I wish I could see them all.

What is your favorite country  in Europe ? Is  the language a problem when you visit a country where you cannot speak the language ? Do you try to learn a few words before you go ?

I will share a few pictures taken during my trips in Europe.

Every time I have been to Switzerland , I enjoyed the green landscapes. So many nice places to see .  Spending time in Gruyeres was fantastic. Another time we went in the Canton of Valais and we did some hiking. The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces very scenic .

In Italy, the first city I visited was Rome ( I showed some pics from my 2003 trip in the previous post). In 2012, we went to Venice. It was a dream for me. I remember being so excited. We spent 4 days in the city walking everywhere and going to the islands of  Burano and Murano.  If you knew how  many pictures I took during that trip, you would not believe me.

In Italy, on other trips, we have been visiting the  Gran Paradiso National Park and  Turin. We discovered Piedmonte area and Cinque  Terre  ( on a walking trip). We really enjoyed Cinque Terre and went on hikes between the villages. We stayed in Vernazza one of the 5 villages of CT.  We also went to Genova,  Pisa, Lucca and Florence.

In 2015, at last, I went back to Paris after 23 years and this time my husband was with me. As French is my first language, there was no worry for me to get by.  On my bucket list was to go up to the very top of the Eiffel tower. The view was great.

On that trip we also visited the Bay of Arcachon, the Dune du Pilat, the lighthouse of Cordouan.  We even flew over the whole bay in a small airplane for 4.  So many great memories.

Bordeaux and  St-Emilion  were also part of that 2015 trip.

We were also lucky to visit Toulouse and  wonderful villages of the Haute-Garonne. Albi, Cordes-sur-Ciel, Carcassonne, Foix .  Here another collage for you.

Many  green vistas to see while we traveled in France.

Spain is another great country. We know quite well Barcelona as we have been more than once. We  walked on the  Camino for 11 days with a group and guides ( On Foot in Spain). You can find some posts on our walks here on my blog.

So many good memories . I can’t wait to discover more of Europe .

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May 2015

We  only had two days in Bordeaux. We met a friend and we walked around the city.     It is a very pleasant city with many great architectural sights. We crossed  the Pont de pierre. We climbed the tower Pey Berland beside the Cathedral Saint-André.  We admired the wonderful fountain called the Monument aux Girondins in Place des Quinconces. It was nice to see Opera House at night. So much history  here again…

The Pont de pierre, or “Stone Bridge” in English, is a bridge in Bordeaux, which connects the left bank of the Garonne River to the right bank quartier de la Bastide.   Its construction took place during the  Bourbon Restoration , from 1819 to 1822.


The fountain of the “daughters of Zeus” : Aglaé, Euphrosyne and Thalie.


When we were up the tower  Pey Berland, we enjoyed the view of the city and the Cathedral.


And here is the Roman Catholic cathedral, seat of the Archbishop of Bordeaux-Bazas. The cathedral was consecrated by Pope Urban II in 1096.


The Place des Quinconces is one of the largest city squares in Europe. It was laid out in 1820 on the site of Château Trompette, intended to prevent rebellion against the city. The principal monument was erected between 1894 and 1902 in memory of the  Girondists  who fell victim of the  Reign of Terror  during the French Revolution . It is composed of a large pedestal framed with two basins, decorated with bronze horses and troops, and surmounted by a large column with a statue on top that represents the spirit of liberty.


Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux was  first inaugurated on 17 April 1780.


Our hotel was well located on rue Esprit des Lois. From there we walked to a restaurant and had a delicious green dinner.


We had plans  for the next day so we didn’t stay up too late. You will see what happened  in my next post !

I hope this short visit in Bordeaux via my post was enjoyable for you as much as it was for me and my husband .  Thanks for reading.  Always happy to read your comment.