Around the world. (Part 5)

This is another post on my travels in Asia. This trip was in  winter 2014.  After visiting Northern Thailand and many places in Vietnam, we flew to Siem Reap where we  visited many temples. It is best  to have a guide who can tell you  about each temples. He knows when it is good to visit them according to the amount of tourists around. We had busy days but  when we travel we know our days are not for resting. This can be done later when we get home.

Angkor Wat is an unique place. I am so happy I got to see it.

We had one more country to see during that trip. From Siem Reap we flew to Hong Kong. When we arrived at the airport, we  bought an octopus card . The MTR is a great way to travel in HK.

When you  see  all the skyscrapers you cannot believe that so many people live there.  We were busy travelers.  Every day we explored a different area of this big city. As usual I brought back tons of photos.

We discovered some quiet areas  such as  the Nan Lian Gardens. We visited a few  temples. We saw nice art in display.  We got to see the Big Buddha on Lantau Island.

After 35 days in Asia ( 4 countries)  it was time to go back home.  If you missed any of my “Around the world” posts,  you can find the 4 previous posts published earlier .

It was an incredible journey that we will never forget. I am  looking forward to other adventures, take more pictures , meet new people, discover other parts of  the world. I learn more about myself as I get out of my comfort zone.

Fun and Life ( which is the title of this blog ) is coming to and end with this post. I am not sure at this time if there will be a sequence  (Fun and Life-2  ?) or not. I’ve got to do some thinking and see if my desire to write about all the fun things  ( mostly travel) is still an important part of my life.

Thanks for reading and be sure that  your comments were always very much appreciated.






Hong Kong ( part 5)

We still had visits to do in Hong Kong. The Tian Tan Buddha  is located on Lantau Island. We got there by metro. We got up to the mountain via the Ngong Ping 360 sky rail. It was a very windy and  foggy day. The ride to get to the top takes about 30 minutes. Nice view around until we reached the fog.

The Big Buddha is the world’s largest Buddha, seated, outdoors, made of bronze.  The statue is 34 metres (112 ft) tall, weighs over 250 metric tons , and was constructed from 202 bronze pieces. In addition to the exterior components, there is a strong steel framework inside to support the heavy load.

Before going up the 260 steps to “nirvana” (close to the Big Buddha), we looked at the Po Lin monastery. Beautiful architecture and lots of incense burning.


I was very happy we made it to see the Big Buddha and  the village on top of that mountain. Ngong Ping, Chinese style, has many shops for the tourists!!!

I hope you enjoyed visiting Hong Kong with me as much as I liked to share it  with you. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. Other stories on my travels are posted every Friday.  Have a good week-end.




Hong Kong ( part 4)

My story on our visit in Hong Kong continues today. You can appreciate the architecture.

The sky was gray again that morning . We took the public transit to Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Gardens. It was wonderful to see this place in the middle of the jungle of skyscrapers.

We also visited the Won Tai Sin Temple. It was another amazing place for worshipers of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.  12 sculptures of the animal of the Chinese horoscope were fun to see . A very busy place.

Stopped to see the flower market, many stores with beautiful flowers. And then the bird garden.  Amazing to see the birds in cage, so many of them.  A bit of a noisy place. We walked some more to get to the ladies market.

Fun to walk on the street when kids are out from school. I noticed the uniform they wear. For the girls it has to be to the knee or below.

The crossings of major streets have sound to help. Long beeps, fast beeps. I am sure you get use to that and do not have to look if the green little man shows up. I forgot to mention that driving here is on the left like in UK . We do not see many cars, mostly big double Deckers.

We went  back at the hotel for a short rest. We were going  out to have dinner with a couple  ( Canadians working in HK) who has relatives in Vancouver !! A very good evening and great food.

More to come with  another post  on our last day in Hong Kong. Thanks for reading.




Hong Kong (part 3)

Another day  to explore Hong Kong. It is March and it is quite cold in HK. Especially for us who just spent time in Southern Vietnam and  in Cambodia where we were wearing short and t-shirt. Now I  was wearing everything I have in my backpack. I was still cold.  We were  enjoying the visit  and immersed  ourselves in this large city that has a lot to offer to tourists like us.

While we walked , we discovered Kowloon Park with people practicing Tai Chi. Other people were meditating. Those green spaces are so important in big cities.

We went by the entrance of the Museum of Art. They have some interesting sculpture by Ju Ming. He is a Taiwanese sculptor who attained fame in Taiwan in the 1970s, and in New York City in 1983.  He was born in 1938. I like his art very much. Do you ?

Also art from Rosanna Li, a Hong Kong artist and sculptor.  She is well-known for her robust ceramic figurines imbued with cultural and symbolic meanings that reflect her response to current events in a social context. Do you like it ?

We walked the avenue of stars (just like in Hollywood, California) except the stars are Chinese so we do not know them. Except Bruce Lee ! Did you recognize him ?

We took a cruise on  Victoria Harbor for one hour. It was foggy again.

We went on the escalator to mid-levels.The Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system in Hong Kong are the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. The entire system covers over 800 meters (2,600 feet) in distance and elevates over 135 meters (443 feet) from bottom to top. It was constructed in 1993 to provide a better commute by linking areas within the Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island.

We visited Man No Temple. Lots of sandalwood smoke from the giant spiral incense hanging overhead which take a couple of weeks to burn.

Busy days when you travel… let’s keep some energy for another day in HK. I will share more photos and story on my next post.  Next Friday. Thanks for reading. And many thanks for you who leave me a comment.



Hong Kong ( part 2)

Day 2 in HK. A long long day  of visit . After breakfast, we took the metro to get to the other side of the harbor. We took a tour with Big Bus. The weather was not the best, it was windy and cold. So we just enjoyed sightseeing around. We also went up to Victoria peak with the tram but all was foggy. So, there was no view on the city!!

Hong Kong is an amazing city, with more skyscrapers than NYC!! Many have interesting architecture. We had a short tour on a Sampan (small boat) in Aberdeen. We saw the biggest floating restaurant!

We walked a bit in SOHO . There are more than 260 islands in HK. Many are like countryside and are a great place for people living in HK to escape the big city of 7 million inhabitants. We also did the night tour in Kowloon and saw the light show across the harbor.

Later, we came back in Kowloon. We went out not so far for dinner in  a typical restaurant by the temple market: broccoli, rice, fried noodles. We were almost the only Caucasians. Food was good. We walked a long way in a street with vendors. The famous night market on Temple is a long long row of merchants selling all kind of stuff.

So much to see in Hong  Kong.  I will show you more on my next post. Next Friday. Thanks for reading and if you read it all, it would be nice for me to read a comment  from you .


Hong Kong (part 1)

Our adventure in Asia was not over yet. After breakfast in Cambodia, lunch over Laos (probably), we had dinner in Hong Kong.

When we arrived , we purchased an octopus card ( for the public transit) and got HK money. We took a taxi to get to our hotel in Kowloon. The room was very small but we did not need a larger room. We only sleep and have a shower and most of the day we are out. More  hotels are  offering that style exactly because the travelers are not spending much time in their room. I saw it on TV recently.

It was rather cold in Hong Kong and maybe rain was  coming.  I bought an umbrella just in case and got to learn   from the young  lady how to say thanks in Cantonese.  Mgoy! Lots of people speak English in HK so the communication would not be a problem.  In the city many double Decker buses. We did not use them, we walked and we traveled by  metro. And once  we took the tram.

Now some photos to give you an idea of Hong Kong. I must say that the first thing that  I was really impressed with  was the amount of  skyscrapers. Read this info I found on the  web. “The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region  has over 7,840 high-rise buildings, 1,303 of which are skyscrapers  standing taller than 100 m (328 ft) with 316 buildings over 150 m (492 ft). The tallest building in Hong Kong is the 108-story International Commerce Center.


In my next post, we will see more of Hong Kong. Thanks for reading and your comments.