Hong Kong ( part 4)

My story on our visit in Hong Kong continues today. You can appreciate the architecture.

The sky was gray again that morning . We took the public transit to Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Gardens. It was wonderful to see this place in the middle of the jungle of skyscrapers.

We also visited the Won Tai Sin Temple. It was another amazing place for worshipers of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.  12 sculptures of the animal of the Chinese horoscope were fun to see . A very busy place.

Stopped to see the flower market, many stores with beautiful flowers. And then the bird garden.  Amazing to see the birds in cage, so many of them.  A bit of a noisy place. We walked some more to get to the ladies market.

Fun to walk on the street when kids are out from school. I noticed the uniform they wear. For the girls it has to be to the knee or below.

The crossings of major streets have sound to help. Long beeps, fast beeps. I am sure you get use to that and do not have to look if the green little man shows up. I forgot to mention that driving here is on the left like in UK . We do not see many cars, mostly big double Deckers.

We went  back at the hotel for a short rest. We were going  out to have dinner with a couple  ( Canadians working in HK) who has relatives in Vancouver !! A very good evening and great food.

More to come with  another post  on our last day in Hong Kong. Thanks for reading.