On the Gr65. Day 8

Each day, we are ready earlier. It means  two things. We are getting stronger  and we sleep so well that we are ready to start  walking as early as possible. When we leave the gite it is still a bit dark  ( shortly after 8 AM) . The sky is wonderful. I need to capture  this moment.

We follow the road, the same road  we were able to see from our bedroom window.

We are enjoying the moment. Our body knows well that this is another day on our feet. How many km will we do on day 8 ?  29 km counting the steps we do when we arrive in Lauzerte.

But before we get there , we pass the town of Montcuq. We do not visit. We prefer to get going and have more time when we will get to our destination.

We stop later to have our picnic. We see donkeys and sunflowers. We also see a few pilgrims. It feels good to know we are not alone in that adventure.

We arrive in Lauzerte and we have to climb  a street to get to our gite. Les Figuiers.       A very friendly  couple  runs this gite. We have booked a room instead of sleeping in a dorm.  Each room has a name. Our room is called Marguerite  and we have a great view on the area.

We have time to go to  the town center.  It means we have to climb a little more. But it is worthwhile. We are enjoying it very much , the Church, the square, the beer we are having with other pilgrims and the good weather. Is it possible to say we are having the time of our life ?

At  7 pm we have to be back in our gite for dinner. And it is quite a great dinner with  apero, soup, prosciutto and melon, sausage, ratatouille, cheese, desert and wine as we wish ! We are a good group at the table. Across the table is a man from Mexico. He does not speak French and not much English either. So I  have to communicate in Spanish with him and he shares with me the reason of his pilgrimage. He plans on walking all the way to Santiago in Spain.

Another great day. We feel fine. We are happy.

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On the Gr65- Day 7

September 28.  Walking from Cahors to Lascabanes. Should be 22 km. But we will end up with 25km …

We  leave our CH. Walk by the side of the road.  We take some time to walk on the famous Valentré  Bridge, a fortified bridge of the 14th century. There are a few pilgrims coming from the other side. One of those offers  to take a pic of us.

And then we get on the trail. It is a big climb . When we are at the top we have a great view on the bridge and the city of Cahors.

Sometimes we walk without talking, sometimes we chat. I always take photos.

I try not to slow down our pace that is fairly fast.  Soon enough it is time to eat ( again). We don’t find a table so we just sit by the side of the trail and we enjoy our food. We see some pilgrims passing by.  The weather is quite warm. I like it.

We arrive in Lascabanes around 3 pm. The lady ( Cecile) in charge of the gite  Le Nid des Anges is there but soon she has to leave. She is a very friendly person and very busy . I  still think she was an angel  just like the name of her  hostel ( gîte d’étape). This gîte d’étape  used to be the presbytery of the church that is just beside.

We are like at home. We find our room, take our shower. We also walk in the village (very small). We have time to enjoy a local beer and talk with other pilgrims before we get to the church for a special celebration.

The priest likes to talk to the pilgrims and has a ritual of washing the feet as Jesus did to his apostles. In fact , he washes one feet.  We are a  little group of pilgrims in the church.

After it is time to enjoy a delicious dinner. At the table, French, Swiss and Canadian. We are in good spirit and feel like a big family.

What a great day !  We are happy and  thinking we only have two  more days to walk is also  exciting. It kind of gives us the energy we need to complete what we wanted to do for this time on the Camino.  The story of the next day will be posted next Friday. Thanks for reading.

Vietnam ( part 8)

Hello readers !

More on Dalat  on this post. Today mostly photos.

Greenhouses for flowers.

Hằng Nga guesthouse, popularly known as the “Crazy House”, is an unconventional building designed and constructed by Vietnamese architect Đặng Việt Nga.

Visiting the market.

Another interesting day in Vietnam. The sunset view   from our window .

On my next post, we are returning to the sea. Thanks for reading. and have a great week-end.





Vietnam ( part 5)

Today December 21 is Winter solstice . We are getting close to Christmas. I wish you all a very Happy time during the holiday Season. Thanks for following my blog.

More on my trip in Vietnam. Today is a longer text and many photos.

It was still raining in the morning but we put on our clothes and our shoes (having tried to dry them as much as possible) and we started our ride after a short shuttle drive with the van to bring us outside the city of Hue. We rode mostly on flat road with rice fields and lagoons on each side. The road was not too busy. The occasional truck from time to time wanted to pass us .

Our first stop was at a little school for 4 and 5 years old. They were all smiley and sang for us.  There were two teachers. It was especially fun for me to see a school for little kids as I had been teaching in  preschools  for a few years.

Our second break was in a cemetery. Missed some explanations as I was trying to take photos  (my camera was OK but I tried my best to keep it out of the rain).

We had lunch (typical Vietnamese meal) in a small village called Lac Co. For the afternoon,  we had option to ride  or to stay in the van. I was so wet, didn’t feel like cycling. Only one guide and 3 participants (our friends from Mesa and my husband) went on their bike. Here is our Vietnamese guide , Tam. I took the pic through the window of the van.

We got to our wonderful accommodation.

Drop our dirty laundry ( including my running shoes). We would enjoy visiting Hoi An without the rain ! We walked around the market. So much great fruits. Interesting to see how they selling their produce and live chickens.

It was Valentine Day . We did not have dinner with the group but went out with another couple. Nice evening !

The next day, we rode in the outskirt of Hoi An. Left around 9 am and returned around 11:30. We did more or less 26 km. No rain, at last . Perfect weather. Flat road. We first biked on dikes (cement road). As usual, Tam was giving us lots of information. We stopped in a garden of a little village ( 250 families). Ladies and men were working their garden.It was a good opportunity for photography. They grow mostly greens.

We rode some more on quiet roads. Occasionally, we crossed a truck and they make sure they used their horn !! But, for sure, the area of Hoi An was less noisy than Hanoi.

We had a break at a house where we saw a woman making rice crackers. This is a small family business as she sells them to restaurants. She  cook the rice , it becomes quite liquid and then the batter  is cooked on both side.  Like a pancake. They will dry outside on this blue  sheet.

The last part of the ride was in a busy traffic as we went back to the city and our hotel for a relaxing afternoon. At night we had a cooking lesson.  Here is our teacher !

We learned to do a few simple recipes.  Like vegetable rolls with rice paper !! Then we ate the food !!

So much to discover in this amazing country.  Hoi An  will be my favorite  city during  our voyage in Vietnam. But I still have more to show you. So next week will be another part  of this trip. Thanks for reading !

Vietnam ( part 3)

The story of our trip in Vietnam continues  here…

On day 3 and 4  we had more time to explore Hanoi. It was very interesting to observe the lifestyle of people living in that big city.  6,936,900 million in 2014.  We had a lesson how to cross the busy streets and be confident we would not be crushed by a scooter or two. “Just start walking ( no running)  and don’t stop in the middle of the street” said  our guide, Tam.

We saw little restaurants set up by the side of the street. They cook outside and people eat on small plastic chairs. Do you think it is comfortable ?

We saw some colorful display of fruits.

That evening, we ate in  a restaurant and tasted local food. Our Vietnamese guide ordered for us. We liked the food.

Before we left Hanoi, we enjoyed a ride on a cyclo. The cyclo is a three-wheel bicycle taxi that appeared in Vietnam during the French colonial period.  Everybody in our group had there own  “driver” , he cycles behind us.  They were happy to work for us.  It was a  fun ride and I could take lots of photos. Have you had a chance to try it ?

We visited  the HCM Mausoleum. Strict rules apply to visit. We cannot take photos, cannot bring a purse inside this building.

We also saw the Presidential Palace and the Temple of Litterature.

For lunch , we had a Pho soup. It was very good.

You add bean sprouts , lime juice, and herbs. They are made with chicken or beef broth.

And then we went to the airport to catch a flight to  Hue where we would start our cycling tour. It will be the story of my next post.

Thanks for reading.



Puerto Vallarta ( part 3)

More on “el centro” of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

We walk a lot and I take some photos. Here is the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, known locally as La Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe . The tower is topped with a wrought-iron crown hoisted by angels designed to resemble one worn by Empress  Carlota of Mexico. dsc00707


We walk by  the pier.  The pier offers access to boats, water taxis that can take you north of the bay and mainly to the southern beaches and coves, such as Las Ánimas, Quimixto, Mismaloya, Yelapa  and other beautiful destinations, you’ll also be able to catch sail trips and cruises around the bay.


For lunch we go to Coco’s Kitchen.  The address is : Púlpito 122, Olas altas.  Coco is a friend of a good friend. We have been to this restaurant before and we enjoy going back every time we go to PV.


The food is great. This is a lovely restaurant. The back of the restaurant is like a garden as there is no roof. We order avocado rolls. I eat chicken enchilada with salsa verde. It comes with rice and re-fried beans. My husband orders a beef burrito. We have a few “cervezas” with our delicious meal.




Muy rico as they say in Spanish !!   I love Mexican food ! Do you ?

Thanks for reading my posts and leaving me a comment.   The topic of my next post is a surprise..

Camino in photography.

Today, I will not post about Barcelona yet but  I will share some photos taken  on the Camino. (June 2015)

We were lucky to have Nancy and Jose as guides for this great adventure.

On Foot in Spain is the link if you ever  are up  to do a walking/hiking  educational journey in Spain or Portugal. You would be having a good time .

Now , the photos with  little description! But if you want to read and see more on our adventure with On Foot in Spain, I have written 11 more  texts ( you can find them on this blog). It was a real pleasure to write  our story and to share it here.

The shell, is  the symbol on  the Camino. We all received a shell to wear  around our neck  or put on our bag or just to bring home as a memory.DSC00017

St-James. The history of the Camino de Santiago goes back at the beginning of the 9th century (year 814) moment of the discovery of the tomb of the evangelical apostle of the Iberian Peninsula.  Since this discovery, Santiago de Compostela becomes a peregrination point of the entire European continent.DSC00216

Pamplona is the first city where we  met with our group. I really liked that  city . We had  time to  walk and get a feel of the place.  It has a nice  square where people come and sit on benches and visit. Pamplona is very famous for the run of the bulls.DSC00227.My texture (1318)

Alto del pardon. monument to the Pilgrim. A  14 iron figures of natural size.DSC00249



This man  had set up a table with little crafts and food. He is only asking for donation.2015-06-06 01.06.04

Our friend, David, took a photo of me at the Sta Maria  La Real Monastery in Najera. David and I got along because he was taking as many photos as me.IMG-20150713-WA0018

Sometimes, my husband also took photos of me! Thanks, Stephen.

                       2015-06-06 05.24.45

Food never tastes so  delicious when you have walked a few km.DSC00912

2015-06-07 04.28.53


Walking “la meseta” on a beautiful day. DSC01427

A snack … Little Bee is  never too far .DSC01489

Part of our group listening to Nancy while she explains history of the San Zoilo Monastery in Carrion de Los Condes . They were all happy to be  sitting after 20 km walk.



Sam with the rock I brought with me.  As I didn’t want to leave it at the “Cruz de Ferro”, I gave it to him as a souvenir. It was a rock I painted a few years ago.

                                2015-06-10 07.40.43

Rainy day on the Camino…2015-06-10 03.41.21

Always a place to stop for coffee if we want to.DSC01958

Cyclists on the Camino . DSC02014

David is taking photos … and I take a photo of him!DSC02143

Nancy , our guide . With Jose , they have been leading those adventure for 17  years. The best guides for this experience. Great people  with so much knowledge  to share. DSC02095

A  monk  at the Monastery in Samos.                                                              DSC02188

Jose is mixing the salad for our picnic.DSC02314

Some animals we saw while we were on the Camino…DSC02285



On our last picnic, we enjoyed some cider !DSC02602

Thanks to Saint-James, we had this wonderful walking experience.


and thanks to Nancy and Jose, this trip was a success.


Thanks for reading ! my next post will be about Barcelona.   A unique experience. Maybe it will inspire you to do it.