Vietnam ( part 4)

After flying from Hanoi, we arrived in  Hue and got ready to do our first bike ride. It meant we had  to change in our cycling gear in the bathroom of the airport !! We did about 25 km that day. It was AMAZING to ride  on small roads with rice fields on each side, to see water buffaloes and many temples ( quite different than those seen in Thailand).

Everywhere we saw kids, they were shouting “HELLO, HELLO”.  Maybe the only English word they know ? We had to stop around 5:30 as it was getting dark. It was finally our first day of cycling and  such a great feeling. Having Tam, a local guide, answering all our questions was wonderful.

The next day, we had rain. It is not really what we  asked for but no matter what, we were  there and we would make the most of it.  We put some cheap poncho  ( given to us )and  we tried to stay cheerful. We visited The Citadel- UNESCO SITE since 1993- who was constructed for the Emperor in 1804. It contained the famed Imperial Forbidden city. This was quite impressive!

Unfortunately, the rain did not stop  but we still visited the area. All we could see was interesting: the morning market, the rice fields…  the kids going or coming for school.

I noticed there were many people sitting at the front of their house or in small public places. Must be  their life style.  Some people were working in the fields although it was raining. Quite a different life than what we know in North America. Most people were traveling  on bike or motorbike.


We saw again many cemeteries as Vietnam has been through many wars. These cemeteries look completely different than those we know in Canada. Their ancestors are very very important for them. We had lunch on a dragon boat on the Perfume river. The food was excellent. We visited a pagoda in Hue: Thien Mu Pagoda. Nice architecture. An impressive bell, 2052kg is said to be audible 10 km away. I had problem with my camera that day. I couldn’t take anymore photos ( because the humidity).

Anyway, it was a good day and we got to sleep in a wonderful room hoping for no rain the next day.  That will be the story of my next post.