Around the world. (Part 4)

Traveling to Asia was  fantastic . I hope to go back again. Today I will share a few shots taken in Thailand and  Vietnam. In the next post, I will share about  Cambodia and Hong Kong.

Let’s start with Northern Thailand . We visited Chiang Mai and many little villages. We discovered  temples and lovely architecture. We saw people working at markets.   I took lots and lots of photos.

Driving in the countryside , we could see smoke as the farmers burn the land to help the  future crops. We were traveling during the dry season but we have to assume there was no danger with the fires.

This is the White temple we can see in Chiang Rai. Very spectacular.

One week in this part of Thailand was not enough  but we were very happy with our visit. We had to fly to Bangkok and then to Hanoi in Vietnam  where we would meet our cycling group.   We visited Hanoi and  Halong Bay  before starting our 11 days cycling days. We did  around 450 km . With my photos you will get a sense of my trip in Vietnam. Motorbikes, bicycles, people everywhere…

We enjoyed the scenery on our way to Halong Bay. We did not  have great weather in the Bay but it was a great experience to see the floating villages.

We had an educational tour as we cycled in different areas of Vietnam. The weather was not that great to start but it got warmer as we got in the southern part of the country. We learned so much and people were friendly .

In 2 weeks, I had been in 2 countries I did not know at all before I got there. Now I look back at the photos and I appreciate so much this experience. Asia is so different than America  and for us it is an amazing discovery for all  our senses. I even tried to learn a few words in thai and vietnamese !

Next week, you will see  more photos taken in Cambodia and Hong Kong. Thanks for visiting.






9 thoughts on “Around the world. (Part 4)

  1. Your collages are so rich with color and life of these fascinating places. I saw you in three of the collages! You really do seem to be having a spectacular time!

    My favorite is the White Temple. Would you be willing to email me that photo, so I can use it as a desktop picture?

    • Please ask me again later mid-October. I am mostly off the computer for a few weeks. Happy to read that you like this photo. You must guess that I am busy… somewhere around the world !

  2. Merci pour tous tes impressions sur ce voyage en Thailande et Vietnam. J’ai de la famille qui y va souventen vacances. Ils adorent. Intéressantes photo France et beaucoup de couleurs. Vous avez sûrement aussi bien mangé, avec tous ces marchés et possibilités à se trouver de bons repas.

    • On me demande souvent comment etait la nourriture dans les differents pays ou regions que je visite. en general c’est bon mais il faut avoir envie de gouter des plats nouveaux.

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