Around the world. (Part 2)

Here is part  2 of my series “Around the world”.

Canada is a very  large country. If you live in the East maybe you did not visit the West part of the country.  I was lucky to drive across Canada twice.  The first time, alone,  from Quebec to BC and the second time  with my family from BC to Winnipeg. I really enjoyed driving  in the Prairies and seeing the Rockies is also a wonderful memory. Unfortunately I do not have much photos of those areas . Sometimes the best I could do was to take a photo through the window. We had many km to do every day.

I visited the Maritimes ( except New Newfoundland and Labrador) when I was 19.  I went back some years  later, with my family,  in Nova Scotia and New-Brunswick.  One day I might visit the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. And of course, I visited many parts of  Quebec .  Magdalen Islands, located in the Gulf of St-Laurent, is a splendid corner of  my country. Not so easy to access  but it is what makes it even more interesting.

In USA, I have seen lots of states .  I have done  many km on the roads in USA. One summer  we traveled through 26 states . We visited majors cities in the east : Boston, New-York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Pittsburgh.  We also spent time in Chicago and Saint-Louis. The main reason for this trip was to see many baseball games.

I still have to see states in the south-east part of the US. I have been many times to Washington state, Oregon and California. In Arizona and Utah I have seen wonderful vistas.

In Mexico, I went to Mazatlan, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Zihuatanejo. I have so many good memories of  time spent in Mexico. I love the sun, the beach and the food!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Next week,  another post of travels. Are you following me ? I hope you enjoy the photos as well.



10 thoughts on “Around the world. (Part 2)

  1. That is quite an amazing collection of photos! Some are magnificent… like that first one of the mountains… wow! I enjoyed looking at all the image, and thinking about all the trips you have taken!

    • Travel is an non ending story for us. We are not planning to see the whole world but we are happy to discover some parts and bring home the memories in our mind. The photos help to remember the trips.

  2. The pictures are really great, and top of them, I really like. the one with the dunes, and the other one , the canyon. Ok France, I’m following you as the best guide of the moment 😉

  3. How many memories you must have brought back from all these trips! North America, a little Central America, when will South America come?

  4. Tu es un grand pigeon voyageur et tu auras eu l’occasion de voir beaucoup de beaux pays et de magnifiques paysage. Oui, le Canada est immense, même plus grand que les USA. D’ailleurs le 2éme plus grand pays du monde. Et toutes les provinces sont différentes. C’est une plaisir de voir toutes tes photos et d’au moins voyager une petit bout de chemin en pensées avec toi. Merci France.

    • je crois qu’il est important de connaitre son pays. On ne peut pas tout voir mais au moins avoir une idee des regions. Je n’ai pas encore tout vu du Canada mais probablement un peu plus que plusieurs . 🙂

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