For quite a long time I wanted to visit Girona, the capital of the province and one of the most interesting medieval cities in Spain. Finally , I was able to spend two days in that beautiful city in Catalonia.

We had booked a B & B in the old town, not far from the Cathedral, in the heart of the old Jewish  ghetto. The Pension Bellmirall was a good choice for us as it is well located . The building dates originally from the 14th century. It has been  restored and altered over the year. It felt like a museum as many paintings of the artist Isidre Vicens were on the walls. The artist lived in this house for many years and it still belongs to his daughter.

With a map it is easy to explore Girona.   And the only way to discover the particular charm of this city is on foot. You can wander for hours through the Call- the labyrinthine old quarter with its narrow, steep alleyways and lanes and its ancient stone houses which form a rampart chain along the Onyar river.  Every morning, we walked by the beautiful Cathedral. We could even hear the bells during the night. We were a little surprised they ring the bells all night long.  Every fifteen minutes !  The 14th-century Cathedral represents many architectural styles including Gothic and Romanesque but its most notably Catalàn baroque. The facade dates from the 17th and 18th centuries. The Cathedral contains many works of art displayed for the most in its museum.

We visited the inside and the cloister. It has an unusual trapezoidal layout.

In the museum, I enjoyed the tapestery of the Creation,  an unique piece  of Romanesque  embroidery,  dating from 11th-12th centuries and depicting humans and animals in the Garden of Eden.

Sometimes it is little details that catches your eyes. Like this door handle on the huge door.

Or what you see on the pavement…

We were lucky to have wonderful weather although it was October.

The extension of the Roman walls during the medieval ages enables visitors like us to stroll along a walkway following some sections of the longest Carolingian walls in Europe. You can get really nice views on the city.

We  adopted a bar by the Placa de la Independencia to get our apero. It was also a good time to taste some tapas.

The city of Girona is divided by the Onyar river. That means that we got to cross bridges and enjoy the view of the colorful houses along that river.

I will keep very good memories of this time spent in Girona. If you have a chance to visit, I know you will like it also.

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13 thoughts on “Girona

  1. I like the painting of the girl leaning on the railing. And I love the door handle photo … how beautiful! The cathedral was way up there… that is a long set of stairs! It seems to be a very beautiful place!

  2. Un autre voyage très enrichissant!!! Que de beautés, que d’expériences, que de belles découvertes!
    Je vois que Stephen se souvient bien des cloches qui sonnaient à toutes les

  3. Un autre voyage très enrichissant!!! Que de beautés, que d’expériences, que de belles découvertes!
    Je vois que Stephen se souvient bien des cloches qui sonnaient à toutes les 15 minutes…;-)))
    Et les photos que tu as choisies pour nous partager ce voyage sont magnifiques France!

  4. Magnifiques photos et beaucoup de culture, j’ai beaucoup aimé. Dans ma ville natale, les cloches sonnent aussi tous les 1/4 d’heures. Une fois toujours à deux sons chaque coups, après 15 minutes de l’heure, deux foix à 30 minutes, trois fois à 45 minutes et quatre fois à cette heure suivante qui sonne en plus les coups en un son pour indiquer quelle heure exactement. C’était je pense comme ça aussi à Girona, je pense. Ça c’est quelque chose qui m’a toujours manqué. Bien sûr qu’on ne l’entend seulement dans le quartier de l’égksue et pas trop loin. mais on s’y habitue et avec le temps, on ne l’entends plus, Comme avec les gens qui habitent près du chemin de fer, quand le train passe, toujours aux même heures. Par-contre le bruit de la circulation, près d’une autoroute ou une route principale, on ne s’y habitue jamais et on y dort mal. Merci pour ces belle photos, France. vous avez fait une magnifique visite et de pouvoir dormir dans cette maison d’artiste, de voir encore ses peintures, wow!

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