Cadaqués, Figueres and Callela (Spain)

Today, I will write about  cities on the coast of Spain.  The Costa Brava, also called Wild Coast” or “Rough Coast”, is  a coastal region of Catalonia  in northeastern Spain.

Cadaqués , is the first resort on the Costa Brava  once you have left France  behind you. It used to be a simple fisherman village.  Salvador Dali came often here as did many other artists. It was pleasant to wander  around to satisfy  our curiosity.  Dozen of small coves with a narrow street running along the water’s edge, crystal-blue  water, fishing boats on the sandy beaches, old whitewashed houses, narrow twisting streets and a 16th century parish up on a hill.

Another village is called Calella de Palafrugell. In fact I am not sure you should call this place a village or a town. It is a more quiet  place than Cadaqués but it might be busier during summer time as there is a nice beach. I went there to visit a friend who goes there every year. We did not spent much time  but what I saw was lovely.

We met the artist Rodolfo Candelaria. He has a few of his art in the village. As he was eating at the same restaurant as us and my friend knew him I had the chance to say hello and take a photo of him.

We spent time in Empuriabrava where you can see nearly 24 kilometers of canals. This is the largest residential marina in the world. We walked on the beach and had lunch.

Finally,  we stopped in Figueres.  Figueres is not on the coast. It is the birthplace of the surrealist Salvador  Dali  (1904-1989). We wanted to see the original architecture of the museum and theater. We only had time to see the outside.

I like visiting Spain and exploring new places. Do you like Costa Brava?  Have you been there ?  On my next post I will share  photographs from another Spanish city. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hasta luego.





9 thoughts on “Cadaqués, Figueres and Callela (Spain)

  1. Both places look beautiful. The place on the coast, with all the whitewashed houses, was gorgeous. Your photo of the buildings showed how carefully each residence is taken care of, and decorated. I liked the statue of Dali, which looks like he is about to fall over with one finger on that cane….. and the statue seemed to have no face, too, which was interesting. That flowering tree is magnificent… I have never seen one anything like it.
    You ask if we have been there… of course not. I haven’t been much of anywhere. Probably never will. No money for it.
    Dali’s museum is always fascinating to see… I’ve seen lots of photos of it. Thank heaven’s for Flickr… that’s how I travel!

  2. Always a pleasure to see new landscapes. The white houses next to the water are really nice 😉 . Thanks for these pictures that you share with us France.

  3. Étonnant de voir ces maisons blanches, très belles, après avoir vu les maisons très colorées de Collioure et très belles aussi! C’est très différent et je n’imaginerais pas que ce soit tout de même si près l’une de l’autre! De bien belles découvertes encore et j’admire beaucoup tes photos qui sont superbes!

  4. Oui, j’ai bien aimé cette jolie petite ville toute blanche sous un ciel bleumagnifique. Sur la photo avec la statue, ça représente quel artiste, je n’ai pas pu lire le nom sur la plauqe dessous? Ça devait être un plaisir aussi de rencontrer avec vptre ami, cet artiste sculpteur et de pouvoir manger au restaurant en sa compagnie. Intéressant le musée de Salvador Dali et l’endroit où il est né. Belle découverte pour vous aussi bien sûr.

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