Perpignan and Collioure (France)

It is October. We are lucky to have good weather for this trip in Southern France. We first have a short visit in Perpignan.

“Perpignan is a southern French city near the Mediterranean coast and the border with Spain. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Majorca during the 13th century, and a significant Catalan influence is evident in its medieval core.”

In the hall of the City hall, we see a sculpture of Aristide  Maillot called The Méditerranée.

I enjoy walking in the city, looking at the buildings.

We visit the church – église Saint-Jean.

Porte Notre-Dame. (below)

Soon it is time for lunch and then more km ( by car)  to get to Collioure where we are going to spend the night.

“Collioure is a town on the Mediterranean coast of southern France. On the sea, the medieval Château Royal de Collioure offers dramatic coastal views. The bell tower of 17th-century Notre-Dame-des-Anges Church was once a lighthouse. The Modern Art Museum includes paintings by Henri Matisse.”

Collioure is a very charming seaside village who offers 31 flavors of pastel houses and 6 petite pebbled beaches.

It is good to take our time and capture all this. We also take a ride with “le petit train” to see the view from the hill top.

We can see the windmill built in 1344 originally used for grain but today it grinds out olive oil.

Charming village. We  have  sangria made with local wine.

Collioure is only 24km/15 miles from the Spanish border and shares a common history and independent attitude with its Catalan siblings across the border.

The story will continue  next week. Thanks for reading and comments.







12 thoughts on “Perpignan and Collioure (France)

  1. It looks like a wonderful place to visit. I love the pastel houses in the second town, and your Sangria looks delicious!
    The churches all seem to have such glorious interiors, it is quite amazing! Especially since so many of the interiors were completed centuries ago!

    • I was happy to discover this area of France. I am always so curious about places I don’t know…. And yes the churches are interesting as the architecture is special. But we did not go inside…

  2. it’s amazing to see that nice old windmill still working France. The sangria seems to be a refreshing beverage 😉

  3. Nous nous sommes arrêtés un peu à Perpignan mais n’avons pas visité. Cependant, nous avons pu passer plusieurs heures à Collioure et j’ai adoré cet endroit tout à fait charmant! Les maisons sont superbes, et tout le paysage est admirable!

  4. J’aime beaucoup ces petites villes pittoresques du sud de France, que je connais par beaucoup de photos vues de différents amis français qui envoyaient leur photos sur des sites différents. Merci pour les tiennes si belles et toutes tes explications. Vous avez eu raison de visiter ces beaux coins, avant de continuer. Il ne faut pas les manquer, ces beaux endroits.

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