On the GR-65. Day 9 ( last day)

Saturday September 30. Lauzerte to Moissac. This day will be over 30km.

A difficult day as it starts with rain as soon as we leave the gite in Lauzerte. We are wearing our raincoat. We have a cover on our backpack but we really hope the clouds are going to get tired to spray on us.

I don’t want to take photos with  my camera. It is in a plastic bag in my pocket. I try to take pictures with my cellular but really I will take very few that day. But when I see this building I want a photo. This must  be a dovecote ( where pigeons or dove can stay).

We walk, we walk and we do not find a place to shelter for our lunch. We do not want to waist time  as we think it would be better to arrive  and rest. But it is our last day on the trail and we keep thinking about the arrival.

We see a few pilgrims  who, like us, have to deal with the muddy and slippery  trail. Without walking sticks it is not easy to climb the step trail.

We have booked a hotel room for this last night. I am quite happy to get in  Moissac.

We have been there a few days before this adventure. It is where I bought my créantiale and now I have many stamps on it. In France we do not have to show our créantiale when we sleep in a gite  but in Spain the pilgrims need to have one.

All day the rain doesn’t stop. It would be our most difficult day. Our feet are wet and I feel cold. The warm shower is the best thing to do when we get to the room shortly after 3 pm.   We rest and later we choose a restaurant close by our hotel. We indulge in pizza and red wine.

Celebration. We have done more than 250 km in 9  days.

The next morning, we have time to wander in the city. It is not raining anymore!

The  abbaye Saint-Pierre . Since 1998,  the church and cloisters have had international protection as part of a World Heritage Site “Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France “.

I really like the sculptures of the French artist Toutain.

Now that this adventure is finished , we will return to Toulouse for two nights and  continue our traveling  in   Southern France  and Spain ( Catalonia) . More to come next week! Thanks for reading.



12 thoughts on “On the GR-65. Day 9 ( last day)

  1. It is nice to see both of you well and happy at the end of your huge walk. And you look so good and rested. How are you doing that?! Congratulations to both of you.

    • I always prepare mentally and physically for my walks. I try to stay positive no matter what is happening. I am in good shape and work on it regularly. Good sleep, good food. We were happy with this “test” of 9 days on the camino in France. We enjoyed meeting people who like doing the same thing as us.

  2. Wow, it is difficult to hike in the rain… I had to do that several times when I was young. Wet feet are no fun at all! It is sort of funny how the cure for cold rain was a hot shower-rain!
    I am glad you got there safely and had your good dinner and wine!

    • We were so happy with our 9 days. Having this last day in the rain was a good test for us. To try to stay positive. You cannot control the weather but you can control what you think of it ! and yes, it was probably one of the best shower I had in my life !!! thanks so much for your visit Mary. On Friday there will be another post … stay tuned !

  3. It’s odd to see how things are so different depending of the weather France, a nice sunny ride could quickly turn as a nightmare if you have not the good gear But I can see on the pictures that you were well prepared, you had the good equipment

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