On the Gr-65. Day 6

Leaving Bach to go to  Cahors.

This is the beginning of our 6th day. After breakfast, we walk along the road ( on the safer side) as the traffic is going quite fast. I can see my long shadow…

We reach the town and soon we are peacefully walking on a trail.

We see sheep, a field with lavender. Once we meet a group of walkers and I tell them what happen to us the day before ( they were also looking at the post in front of that gite but were not staying there).

The weather is really nice for the end of September but we see that  the leaves are getting the fall colors.


We find a table for our picnic and soon we arrive in Cahors. Cahors is not a small village. For us it is almost too big .

We really   like the small villages. We have booked a room in a CH. We  get a map of the city ( in a little  kiosk at the  end of the bridge you see above )  and then  we find the house where we will stay for the night.

After a shower and a little rest, we must go and visit although we do not really want to add  more steps to our day. We see interesting architecture. I had advice from Frederique ( the owner of our CH) so we wander in the most interesting part of the city.  The old town features half-timbered houses and narrow alleyways. Imposing Cathédrale St-Étienne  was built in Gothic and Romanesque styles, with large domes and centuries-old frescoes.

Just in front of the Cathedral, by chance,  we see again Thomas ( the German guy we talked a few times since we started walking ). He  will take the train the next day to go back home. His pilgrimage is finished.

Of course this city is know for the Pont Valentré, a medieval bridge with 3 towers. We will walk on it the next day before we go on the trail.

Cahors is a lovely town  but we are not like tourists who spent the day in a car. What we need  is food and rest.  In our CH/gite  there are a few other pilgrims but we only going to see them the next day.

After walking here and there for  while – and taking some photos, we find a place for dinner ( just a very casual restaurant)  and return to our CH. At the end of the day my FitBit marks 34.34 km. I believe that the more you walk  you get stronger. Our feet get used to the demand.  We do not have blisters and our back is not sore from carrying our bags. That is good ! My spirit is good as long as the weather is good. And I like to meet nice people.

This is the story of our day 6. So we have 3 more days to go. Thanks again for  reading and comments.


10 thoughts on “On the Gr-65. Day 6

    • How many miles ? I could tell you but I have to look for the numbers on a piece of paper, I don’t recall exactly. For sure it was over 25 km…So over 15 miles. All our days on the camino were over 22 km/ 13 miles.

    • Hola Cece. I found the paper where I wrote what km when were supposed to do each day and what km we did.
      On that specific day we did 27 km… It was the longest day in term of km . We also walked in Cahors . It is a charming city that I really enjoyed.

  1. What an adventure you had! And you walked so far that day! Your photo of the medieval bridge is breathtakingly beautiful. I bet you slept well that night.
    I like seeing the trees changing color, and I like the image with your two pairs of shoes and the seashell.

  2. The fall colors on the leaves by there were probably far more less impressive than in your Country France 😉
    The medieval bridge is really beautiful., an impressive piece of art, and a above all a useful way 😉 By the way France, how is it that Stephen is wearing my red cap and my light blue sneakers 😉

  3. Very fun and interesting your walks each day and lots of beautiful cityie, people and things to see and to discover. For me much easier to read and to have a look at your picture!! Thanks France.

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