On the Gr-65. Day 5

Day 5. St-Jean de Laur to Bach.

Well rested after that night in the quiet gite Mas de Jantille.

After  good breakfast, we are ready to go. No rain ! Every morning it is easier to get organized . By 8:30 we are on the trail. This day is not going to be  so long, only 20km.

I mostly stay behind and look for anything unusual or interesting. 

It is quiet on the camino. Feeling that the trail belonged to us only. Around mid-day we try to find a good spot to have our lunch.

Luckily we arrive in a place where there is a bench. I don’t think we walk very fast  but at 2:30 pm we are in Bach.

We see that the gite ( where we had planned to stay that night) is not open yet. So we walk some more to get to the village. We find the church ( open) and a bench. Actually my feet are sore and I am more than happy to sit down.

To make a long story short. When we go back to the gite at 3 pm  and ring the bell, we do not get a very nice welcome.

I am rather surprised. It looked like they had forgotten about my reservation. I knew they had confirmed with me ( via email)  that they would be having a bed for us on that day  but I couldn’t show the message on my cellular as  I  don’t have connection to prove that .  I started to think I made a mistake.   What I did not understand is that most pilgrims do not book ahead and this gite did not have a sign that said  closed.  They had other plans for the night and were not willing to accommodate us.  With this attitude from the owners, we were surprised.   I looked in my book  ( Miam Miam Dodo) and saw there was another gite in the town. The lady called and we got the OK that we could go. It was a bit outside the town (maybe one more km) so when we arrived we were more than happy to relax.

The lady was not there yet  but the door was open.  She arrived  shortly after us and we discuss about the dinner. I was happy that she did not mind to prepare something simple for us. Everywhere we could we liked to take the demie-pension ( dinner, bed and breakfast). Once again, we were the only 2 pilgrims in this gite. Relais Arc-en-Ciel was a bit old   but the lady was very nice . That day was a good lesson for us as we never  know what could happen on the way.

Later that night, I found the message  with the confirmation for the first gite ( Grange St-Jacques), so I followed up with the lady to tell her it was her mistake and not mine.

After dinner, we needed  to sleep and get ready for a longer day. It will be the story for next week.

Thanks for your comment. It is always nice to see what you think of this adventure, especially that day.


12 thoughts on “On the Gr-65. Day 5

  1. Incroyable que ces hôtes ne vous aient pas reçu correctement !!! J’espère que tu l’as signalé !!
    Ce que je remarque aussi dans tes photos, c’est que tu as l’oeil .. plus l’oeil que moi 🙂 sur ce chemin !! Tes photos sont superbes !!!

    • Merci c’est gentil. Je pars avec l’idée de faire des photos, beaucoup de photos au risque d’avoir un gros tri a faire au retour. Pour ce qui est du gite où on ne nous voulait pas..je l’ai mentionné a d’autres gens qui marchaient mais pas officiellement . J’ai eu une leçon . si j’avais eu une preuve de ma réservation, ils auraient dû nous accomoder mais je crois que nous n’aurions pas passé une bon moment à cet endroit. il faut vivre bien des expériences sur le chemin. Cela m’aidera quand je retournerai. Merci beaucoup de ton commentaire Claire.

  2. J’espère que la personne qui vous a si mal accueillis s’est excusée après avoir eu la preuve que votre réservation était bien confirmée ! Heureusement que vous ayez trouvé un autre gîte sur place !!!

    • s’excuser … pas vraiment . Il faudra que je relise sa reponse apres lui avoir dit que j’avais retrouve le mail ou elle m’avait ecrit que la reservation etait bonne. Et c’etait seulement environ 1 mois avant qu’on passe a Bach. On a bien senti qu’ils etaient contents que nous puissions aller ailleurs.

  3. It seems you had a long day on that day France, A long path to walk, er for your feet ;-), A gite owner who was a little bit unpleasant. But fortunately, you got an happy end, old house but you met a nice person 😉 Thanks a lot for sharing all of that with us France 😉

  4. You took some lovely photos that day. I especially like the door with the red flowers, and the gate made of long sticks.
    I was surprised to hear about the lady not welcoming you. I would have thought that anyone who was in that business of operating a place for the pilgrims to stay would be ready to welcome tired, footsore people, especially in the times of good weather. I’m sorry you had that happen to you. I’m glad the second lady was nice, and fed you too!

    • It was a surprise for us . Let say we were lucky not to have to walk another 10 km. And yes the other lady was nice and I sent her a note to thank her again. You never know what will happen on the camino. Lots of photos ops that is for sure.

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