On the Gr-65, Day 4

Day 4. Grealou to St-Jean de Laur

We got up well rested. We took our breakfast upstairs in the kitchen of the house. I could see the sky and the great colors. I quickly took a picture.

When we were ready to leave the rain has started. We put our raincoat and covered our bags. We found the trail and followed it for a while but then we were not sure at all which direction to go.

We followed a trail but it was wrong. We backtracked our steps to only take another direction (walking along a road) and it was wrong also. We only  needed to see the markers:  two horizontal lines, one white, on red but there were nowhere. How frustrating! Finally a nice man driving saw us and stopped to tell us where to go and told us also that this section of the GR-65 was not very well marked.

I was so happy when we got back on track .The rain had stopped. We walked until we reached the town of Cajarc. We found a little park with a picnic table and we had something to eat. On the other side of the park , there were some public washrooms.

We walked through the town stopping quickly to see the inside of the church ( it was open).

And then walk, walk, walk. Mostly we were in the countryside. Fields of corn and sunflowers.

We only saw 2 pilgrims that day. There we going further than us.  I was really happy when we reached our gite, le Mas de Jantille. Roger and Colette have renovated this old farm to make this gite for the pilgrims. They have been doing the camino and they know exactly what we are our need.

Colette  welcomed us with a cold drink. We chatted a bit with her. I had  reserved our beds on line a few weeks before we left for our trip. That gite had 10 beds but that night we were the only one to stay there. We had time to do some wash, had a shower and rest a bit. We bought some food in the little “grocery store” of the gite. We chose what we wanted and put the money in a box. We cooked our dinner ( pasta  with sauce and cheese) and enjoyed some red wine.   We  prepared some boiled eggs to bring with us and eat the next day.

We were not going all the way to Santiago but those reminders were interesting to see.

Thanks for  reading my story on the Camino.




14 thoughts on “On the Gr-65, Day 4

  1. The first picture , at sunrise, is really great France 😉 Your gite looks awesome, kind of a small castle, with gentle people living in 😉

  2. It sounds like a long, wet day, but ultimately satisfying. The place you stayed, and cooked for yourselves, sounds like it was very nice.

  3. Tout comme toi, nous nous sommes perdus maintes fois, mais je ne sais plus où .. pour atterrir dans des champs .. d’immenses champs de blé .. 🙂 C’est étonnant de ne pas trouver les bonnes indications sur le chemin, avec tous ces pèlerins qui le pratiquent !!
    J’ai encore l’impression de ne pas avoir fait le même parcours que toi !!! Mais il était tout aussi beau que le tien !! 🙂

  4. C’est beau de se lever avec un magnifique ciel de couleurs intense commec celui-là. Puis ces beaux champs de blé et de tourne-sol, c’est ltoujours magnifique. Ce village avec ces belles maisons, les arbres et les bancs, comme ça a l’air agréable, ce Carjac! Le gite Mas de Jantille, un vrai château, très beau. C’est agréable de trouver des des gens accueillant, quand on arrive fatiguée de la longue marche et qui sait exactement ce dont vous avez besoin. Mais ill vous restent encore 1232 km à marcher….bonne route!

    • allo Elly.. mais nous n’allions pas jusqu’a Santiago. Pour cette premiere experience avec sac a dos, on a voulu faire 9 jours seulement… mais la prochaine fois, on sera plus aventuriers. Ah oui c’est agreable de rencontrer des gens qui savent ce qui nous venons de vivre et avoir tou ce gite pour nous deux c’etait cool. Bon WE.

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