On the GR-65. Day 3

For our third day on the GR-65, we had plan to walk  with 3 French  pilgrims. We left Figeac and  started the day shortly after 8 AM. Again another morning when you warm up as you get going.  We had around 26 km to do on that day.

I was a bit upset when I realized I had lost a sock that was put outside my bag in order to dry. You get to bring as little clothing as possible   and you wash it when you can. Our friend Joelle fix the remaining sock with a good  safety pin. I had my lesson of the day.

We were having a good time with our friends. We stopped in a small village for a coffee. We saw some people participating in a running race. They were actually going in reverse of us so we   tried to step out of the way to give them a chance to go at their pace.

We saw some interesting buildings called “caselle”.  They can be used for animals or storage . The first picture below  here is not really a typical one  but on  the  following  photo you can see the difference in size.

The real “caselle”  are much smaller and are used as a shelter . The name for those buildings  can be capitelle or borie.

A capitelle is a dry stone hut, made without mortar, formerly serving as temporary shelter for small landowners, their tools and their agricultural products.

A borie is a dry stone structure, usually a one-room cabin. The smallest can be a single low room where a shepherd could resist a storm or a cold night. More generally, the single borie piece is large enough to stand up, with space for a fire and often a shelf or two in thick stone walls.

After our picnic , our friends took another trail . I know this choice was a good one  and I hope to walk over there another time. There are many alternate trails  (variante) from the main “chemin”. No matter where you walk you will always see something interesting. And if you don’t care much for the landscapes, you can just meditate and count your steps.

We arrived in Grealou  very tired. We had trouble finding our CH  but at last we got there. All we wanted to do was to have a cold drink, a shower and a little rest. This is the  house  where we stayed that night. No other pilgrims here . The friendly lady is renting a room and offer the dinner.

We were in a very small village without restaurants or stores. We had plan to have dinner with the family. It was nice to know about the area and talk to “the locals”. Our dinner was excellent . What was interesting for us is that each day was not the same except for the walk. I guess we were happy to get going  on our adventure. More on our adventure next week. Thanks for reading !



11 thoughts on “On the GR-65. Day 3

  1. It sounds like a beautiful day. Sorry about your sock! I bet you missed having it on subsequent days.
    I like the small round buildings… the caselle. I would be curious to see what the inside of one feels like.

    I like very much that the family invited you to eat with them, and stay at their house. It gives a good feeling!

    • thanks for your visit Philippe. I like to see different things when I travel and of course I have to take a photo…in fact I take photos all the time.

  2. C’est vrai qu’en France il y a tellement de petites constructions étonnantes. On se demande souvent à quoi elles servaient à l’époque qu’on les utilisait, souvent dans l’agriculture bien sûr. Certaines servent encore toujours. J’aime la belle maison, où vous avez dromi. C’est même un petit château. J’ai dû sourir de ta petite histoire de ta chaussette.

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