On the Gr-65. Day 2

Day 2. Livinhac-le-Haut to Figeac.

That morning after a wonderful breakfast, we were getting our bags ready.  We could see some pilgrims walking by our bedroom’s window.  We were eager to join them as fast as we could. There was  fog. It did not stay like that all day. It was usually getting warmer after an hour and had to strip some layers.

We stopped at a chapel with very old frescoes ( XIII century).

Again we met with Thomas, the German walker. If you stay in the same city  there is good chance you are going to see the same people from time to time. He was a friendly man. We enjoyed connecting  with other walkers.

Then we heard some gun shots. Oh !  I knew it was hunting season but it was a bit scary. We saw a man and his dog. I took time to talk with him and asked him if I could take a photo. He did not mind. So here it is with his dog.

My stomach started to  tell me it was time to eat. Luckily we found a picnic table by the church in St-Felix. There was also some public washrooms nearby. It is a good thing if you don’t want to have to put your pants down in the nature .

We arrived in Figeac. A much bigger town  than our last stop. We found our gîte. Although we were a bit tired  , we decided it would be nice to visit the area. We ended up walking slowly with a couple from Quebec. We bought some  local beer and wine for the dinner . We enjoyed the architecture of Figeac. We  did not have time or energy to wander too far  but this trip was not really about sightseeing.

Dinner  with other pilgrims was a good time to share our stories. We were making plans to walk with our friends ( the 3 friendly pilgrims from France)  the next day. Nobody wanted to stay up  very late. We all needed a good night of sleep. More on our travel on the camino in France  next week. Thanks for reading. Always a pleasure to read your comments.


8 thoughts on “On the Gr-65. Day 2

  1. Ça m’a l’air d’être une très vieille ville, Figeac avec ces constructions. J’aime beaucoup la photo du départ le matin, avec le brouillard qui est en train de disparaîre. Les fresques de cette petite chapelle, superbes. Je comprends que tu as eu un peu peur avec cette saison de chasse. On entend souvent des chasseurs qui pensent tirer un animal et c’était son copain chasseur qui a reçu une balle!! Heureusement que ça ne se passe pas trop souvent!!!

  2. I like hearing your memories of the days on the Camino. And your photos bring it to life. Well done, both all the walking, and the storytelling.

  3. Je me souviens très bien de cette chapelle aux fresques incroyables !! Il y avait même un Livre d’Or que l’on pouvait signer .. et dans ce livre d’or , une lettre d’une certaine Rosa adressée à La Vierge qui nous a fait beaucoup rire .. 🙂

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