On the GR-65. Day 1

Day 1. Conques to Livinhac-le-Haut.

That day started early with great anticipation of our walk on the trail. After a quick breakfast, we left the “gite” , passing on the Roman bridge. It  was a moment  I wanted to capture as best as I could.  I did not want to spend too much time taking pictures  but  I needed to do it. John , from South Korea was also taking pictures. We can see him here  ahead of my husband.

So, quickly after a few photos, we were going up on the trail and up it went until we reached the Chapelle Sainte-Foy.  We were not the only one  as  most “pilgrims” are eager to start the day as soon as possible.

I remember not being sure if we were going in the right direction as there was 2 options. A German man ( Thomas)  talked with us and told us the right way. We were walking  fairly fast even with our backpack. Mine was around 8 kg and my husband a little more , 10 kg or more. We needed to get use to it. We  were mostly in the countryside   which was nice. Fall can be such a great time to walk.

When the hunger started to bother me. We found a picnic table to eat some of the food  we had  bought in Conques. I was hungry  but not too much. And we did not want to waist too much time. I wanted to arrive as early as possible  in our next gite.

Weather was good. Spirit was good also. 23 km is not too long  but we were  quite happy when we reached the village of Livinhac-le-Haut.  We found our CH (meaning chambre d’hôtes); the lady was not there  but she kindly left for us 2 beers and a delicious piece of pie. We  had a shower and a little rest and then ventured to see  the small village.

We  saw our 3 new French friends  that had dinner with us in  Conques.  I did not know  they were going to spend the night in the same village. We had a beer  and a chat  with them . We reserved a table at the only restaurant of the village after they told us  they were also going to eat there. We met our lovely lady at our CH and then returned to have  our dinner. Finally my Fit-bit was showing 26 km. I was happy with this first day and was looking forward for the continuation. All we needed  was a good sleep and we would be ready for another day on the trail .

15 thoughts on “On the GR-65. Day 1

  1. I don’t think I knew about this trip. Perhaps it was very recent. It looks like beautiful countryside, and some very interesting paths to walk.

  2. Mais dis moi, 8kg ? Tu ne les faisais pas transporter en voiture ? Tu es une sacré “baroudeuse”, France !!
    Bravo pour cette belle balade , je vais retrouver ma créancial et te dire par où nous sommes passés nous !!

  3. Hiking on a 23 km long footpath while carrying a load of 8 kg. I think you really deserved the nice diner at the restaurant during the evening France 😉

  4. Quelle jolie chapelle sur le haut! Heureusement vous trouvez de bons endroits pour passer la nuit, même avec des petits snack en attendant d’aller manger au resto. 26 km, wow! C’est imopressionnant et j’admire.

  5. Cette partie là, je ne l’ai pas faite et comme j’étais le “globe-trotter” de mon groupe, point de photos pour eux .. 🙂 Donc je voyage, je découvre au travers de tes photos, France !! 🙂

  6. Super ! Je n’avais pas été visiter ton blog sur le Chemin et c’est une belle surprise pour moi de découvrir toutes ton récit sur le Chemin de Compostelle 🙂 Je vais lire tout ton périple avec plaisir !

    • Merci bien. Comme je n’ai pas trop acces a mon ordi pour encore quelques temps je passe vite aujourd’hui ( 24 septembre) et je decouvre que tu es venue lire mes textes. c’est gentil. Ton periple sur le Camino m’a aussi bcp inspire et j’ai souvent parle de toi a plusieurs…

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