Amsterdam (part 3)

On our last morning in Amsterdam…

More to see . We did not want to leave without walking  in the Red Light District. I had read in a book that  is  was better not to take photos. But there was a few places  I felt is was OK. It was early in the morning and almost nobody were on the streets.

According to my travel guide,  nearly  a thousand prostitutes work in the Red Light District, sharing  about 200 windows and a very long history. Prostitution was officially legalized in 2000 and is now considered just another profession with rules, regulations and taxes.

Here is the statue  dedicated to the Unknown Prostitute. She’s nicknamed Belle.

Little Venice. “The Venice of the North”.  Little Venice is a term used  Europe-wide  for any charming  neighborhood with canal side houses. Like Venice , the city was built in a  marshy  delta area, on millions of  pilings  and like Venice it grewed rich on sea trade.

In the Red Light District, the oldest neighborhood of Amsterdam,  I visited an hidden church.  Amstelkring Museum. From the outside, the building look like any other houses but inside, it holds a secret, a small , lavishly decorated place of worship hidden in the attic. Back in  the 16th century there was one group they kept in the closet. The Catholics. For two centuries ( 1578-1795), Catholicism in Amsterdam was illegal but tolerated. In 1663, a wealthy merchant built Our lord in the Attic.

You can often see the year  when  the houses were built. Like this one  . 1686.

Our B & B- Hotel Brouwer, was also in an older building ( had been renovated a bit) . 1652.

We enjoyed our  days in Amsterdam. Such a friendly city.  I was hoping we would have time to go to Haarlem by train but finally there was so much to see in Amsterdam and not enough time to venture in this city. Maybe it would be just nice to visit another time.

This is the end of my posts on Amsterdam. We are going to fly to France and have other adventures.

Thanks for reading. See you in France !









13 thoughts on “Amsterdam (part 3)

  1. Amsterdam was one of my favorite trip France , I loved to walk passing by the canals, or sailing on them, going under the bridges 😉

  2. Not to close from Brittany France, around 1100 Km ( 700 miles ). So we had a first step to Lilles which is a nice city located on the opposite side of France for us, Then, we went to Amsterdam, and a few days later, came back home by Bruxelles, in Belgium. So, we drove more than 2 x 1100 km within a week. Not a big deal to had fun and a good weather 😉 Have a very good week too France

  3. Very interesting and beautiful pictures you have shot in Amsterdam, France! A beautiful city I’ve never seen to bad. Thanks for showing them to your followers on this site.

  4. J’aime beaucoup ton récit et tes photos! Suite à ce que je t’ai écrit dans Amsterdam 2, grâce à la pluie, vous avez eu droit à un bel arc-en-ciel… et la lumière sur les maisons était magnifique!
    Belle architecture, les maisons le long des canaux sont très belles.
    Le Red Light District doit avoir une toute autre atmosphère le soir!
    Superbe visite que tu nous as agréablement partagée! Merci France!

    • et merci a toi… pour apprecier Amsterdam il faut du temps et marcher ici et la dans les differents quartiers et aller dans les musées aussi. Bref, avoir du temps pour prendre le temps. Planifier aussi pour etre prêt a decouvrir sans trop perdre de temps.

  5. Je n’ai jamais été à Amsterdam. Mais j’aime bien voir les belles photos de cette ville avec tout son charme. Ce que j’aimerais surtout voir, c’est le musé Van Gogh, si je pouvais faire le voyage. J’aime ses peintures et son histoire. Merci pour nous montrer ces belles images, France.

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