Amsterdam ( part 2)

The visit in Amsterdam continues. On that day we had our tickets to visit The Anne Frank House. It is a very popular place and  purchasing our ticket on line  2 months ahead was a good idea to avoid the line-up.

We all know the story of Anne Frank. Maybe you have read the book also. I did . It is such a sad story. We visiting the Secret Annex . It made it more real for sure.

We walked some more. In Southeast Amsterdam, we visited many museums : The Dutch Resistance Museum ( history of the Dutch struggle against the Nazis). The Portuguese Synagogue ( built in 1670’s- has no electric lightning, only candles and windows), the Jewish Historical Museum, The Hermitage Amsterdam ( has loans from the Hermitage Museum in St.Petersburg). So it was a full afternoon.

But while we walked we also admired the architecture.

Visiting Amsterdam meant a lot of walking ( which we like to do). We went back to the Jordaan district the next day , to see  the Westerkerk (church).  We also took a boat cruise. While we were on the canals it was raining a lot which made it quite difficult to take any photos. We still enjoyed seeing the city that way.

We still had time to do more city walk  the next day. I will share some more on my next post, next Friday. Thanks for reading. Have a good week-end.







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