Amsterdam ( part 2)

The visit in Amsterdam continues. On that day we had our tickets to visit The Anne Frank House. It is a very popular place and  purchasing our ticket on line  2 months ahead was a good idea to avoid the line-up.

We all know the story of Anne Frank. Maybe you have read the book also. I did . It is such a sad story. We visiting the Secret Annex . It made it more real for sure.

We walked some more. In Southeast Amsterdam, we visited many museums : The Dutch Resistance Museum ( history of the Dutch struggle against the Nazis). The Portuguese Synagogue ( built in 1670’s- has no electric lightning, only candles and windows), the Jewish Historical Museum, The Hermitage Amsterdam ( has loans from the Hermitage Museum in St.Petersburg). So it was a full afternoon.

But while we walked we also admired the architecture.

Visiting Amsterdam meant a lot of walking ( which we like to do). We went back to the Jordaan district the next day , to see  the Westerkerk (church).  We also took a boat cruise. While we were on the canals it was raining a lot which made it quite difficult to take any photos. We still enjoyed seeing the city that way.

We still had time to do more city walk  the next day. I will share some more on my next post, next Friday. Thanks for reading. Have a good week-end.







15 thoughts on “Amsterdam ( part 2)

  1. It looks like a beautiful and fascinating place to visit. Great photos to give us the sense of the place!

  2. I love Amsterdam to France. It’s true that we had to queue more than an hour and half at the Ann Franck house.
    Did you go to the maritime museum , and so aboard the ” Amsterdam ” a replica of a 18th centery ship ? We went at the top of the Nemo Science Museum , doing a free walk around the roof of that building, that allowed us to see the downtown at the south, the harbour on the left side, the river to the north. It’s even now a very good memory 😉

    • Unfortunately we did not have time for the Maritime museum. 4 days 1/2 in Amsterdam is not enough to see it all. Maybe I should go back another time. And I must say we had full days of visiting and walking every where. When you were in Amsterdam, how many days did you stay ?

  3. Oui, j’ai lu moi aussi le livre de Anne Frank qui m’a bien impressionnée par son courage et sa force de caractère.
    Dommage qu’il pleuve aussi souvent à Amsterdam car c’est une très belle ville! C’est beau sous la pluie, sûrement, mais sous le soleil, je trouve que tout est encore plus beau! Mais bon! Nous ne sommes pas maîtres de la température alors, on fait avec! Vous semblez toujours bien prendre les choses toi et ton mari! C’est ce qu’il faut je crois, pour faire un beau voyage!

    • il faut partir avec son imper et esperer ne pas s’en servir … malgre tout je garde de tres tres bosn souvenirs de cette ville . J’espere que tu iras un jour.

  4. Interesting et beautiful pictures like in the first part. I love to see those “grachten” in that beautiful city, the boats, the bikes etc. Thanks France for sharing.

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