Amsterdam (part 1)

Amsterdam. A modern city. Bikes, canals, bridges, houseboats, museums, tulips, cheese, Red Light District, coffee shops selling cannabis (we did not try). Great architecture.

Visiting Amsterdam in September would mean less tourists and we hoped for good weather.  We did not get too lucky on the weather. We had clouds and rain  on and off everyday but it did not stopped us to see all  the places we wanted. And you know there is always a museum around the corner.

We arrived early on a Monday morning.  We took the train to get to the city center and  walked to find our  hotel.  We had chosen a small B & B, very well located. We had a good view on Singel Canal.  I stared at that view ,  never got tired of it.

From our B & B we could walk everywhere we wanted. We  did not waste any time to start our visits. First the Amsterdam  Museum giving us an idea of the city’s growth from fishing village to global trade center, some paintings and  much more  information we could absorb  with the jet lag.

We decided to wander in the city and get some fresh air. Going inside the Cheese museum was a good idea to taste some cheese and learn a bit of history.

Clogs are traditional wooden shoes from this country.

We went out  for dinner in the Jordaan district. We were surprised how the restaurant  we had picked from our guide was busy for a Monday night. Got back to our  B & B for a good rest as the next day , we were going to visit  The Van Gogh Museum and also the  Rijksmuseum. It was at least  30 minutes walk but a good chance to see the city.

Van Gogh was a creative genius, he produced brightly colored landscapes in impressionist style and many self-portraits.  He had a tumultuous life. The museum  with more than 200 paintings was fantastic and help me to  know more about the artist. We spent at least 1:30 hours  in the museum.

The Rijsksmuseum is located very close to the Van Gogh Museum. It was also very interesting to discover the paintings of many Dutch Masters like Vermeer, Steen, Hals and Rembrandt .

We walked some more…

We had time to visit the Royal Palace,  a lavish city hall, that take us back to the Golden Age of  the 17th century.

We really enjoyed Amsterdam. Walking by the canals…

Bikes are  everywhere…

A lovely city. More to see on my next post. Thanks for reading.






18 thoughts on “Amsterdam (part 1)

  1. Oh that did not look like a bad day at all. In all of 3 years living in Amsterdam, the day you had is considered good! Glad you enjoyed the city. There is so much to see and do. Pity it wasn’t on our list of photographing all the neighbourhoods we walked to in the city.

    • I was expecting better weather but still we were able to walk everywhere. I have 2 more posts on Amsterdam. I guess you have good memories of your 3 years living over there. Like you much to see but when you live in one place you don’t always feel like a tourist ( like me in Vancouver I take very little photos).

  2. Wonderful shots. I had one day in Amsterdam many years ago in transit from Spain to home and enjoyed it very much. A lovely city.

  3. I was there a few years ago , with my wife and my children, what a good memory France, , i enjoyed the few days we spent there ( without rain 😉

  4. I am glad you didn’t let the rain deny you a wonderful time. What a beautiful city, with such a rich history. I love how many museums there are! Great series of shots.

  5. Je crois que cette ville me plairait beaucoup. Tes photos sont très belles, vives et colorées!
    Je suis surprise que tu aies pu prendre des photos à l’intérieur du Musée; je croyais que c’était toujours interdit…
    Ça doit être super aussi de visiter ou se balader en vélo. C’est d’ailleurs ce que nous avons l’intention de faire à Ottawa!
    J’ai cherché la date où vous êtes allés là et je n’ai pas trouvé; voudrais-tu me l’indiquer s-t-p? Par simple curiosité. Tu as mentionné que c’est en septembre, mais c’est tout!
    J’ai hâte de lire la suite!

    • allo Mado. Dans certains musees c’est permis mais sans flash. Au musee Van Gogh on ne pouvait pas du tout. nous etions a Amsterdam a la mi-septembre il me semble. On a pas eu envie de faire du velo meme si on aime ca . Je n’aime pas trop faire du velo dans les villes. Bon WE texte #2 de notre visite sur Amsterdam est en ligne ce matin…

    • Tu connais bien toi aussi ? en tous les cas j’ai adore notre sejour meme si la meteo etait pas au meilleur. Merci bien de ton commentaire Christine.

  6. I love your posts! Thanks also for viewing and commenting on my Amsterdam blog. It’s funny how we were both there at the same time, having similar experiences. I’d like to go back someday, hopefully during a less rainy time!

    • Thanks for your comment. Did you go other places than Amsterdam ? I wished we had more time to explore the Netherlands. I think I’ll have to plan another trip. And I think like you about the weather. It would be more fun if the weather was less rainy but really we were ready for any kind of weather and got lucky to be able to walk at the time it was not raining.

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