Hong Kong (part 3)

Another day  to explore Hong Kong. It is March and it is quite cold in HK. Especially for us who just spent time in Southern Vietnam and  in Cambodia where we were wearing short and t-shirt. Now I  was wearing everything I have in my backpack. I was still cold.  We were  enjoying the visit  and immersed  ourselves in this large city that has a lot to offer to tourists like us.

While we walked , we discovered Kowloon Park with people practicing Tai Chi. Other people were meditating. Those green spaces are so important in big cities.

We went by the entrance of the Museum of Art. They have some interesting sculpture by Ju Ming. He is a Taiwanese sculptor who attained fame in Taiwan in the 1970s, and in New York City in 1983.  He was born in 1938. I like his art very much. Do you ?

Also art from Rosanna Li, a Hong Kong artist and sculptor.  She is well-known for her robust ceramic figurines imbued with cultural and symbolic meanings that reflect her response to current events in a social context. Do you like it ?

We walked the avenue of stars (just like in Hollywood, California) except the stars are Chinese so we do not know them. Except Bruce Lee ! Did you recognize him ?

We took a cruise on  Victoria Harbor for one hour. It was foggy again.

We went on the escalator to mid-levels.The Central–Mid-Levels escalator and walkway system in Hong Kong are the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world. The entire system covers over 800 meters (2,600 feet) in distance and elevates over 135 meters (443 feet) from bottom to top. It was constructed in 1993 to provide a better commute by linking areas within the Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island.

We visited Man No Temple. Lots of sandalwood smoke from the giant spiral incense hanging overhead which take a couple of weeks to burn.

Busy days when you travel… let’s keep some energy for another day in HK. I will share more photos and story on my next post.  Next Friday. Thanks for reading. And many thanks for you who leave me a comment.



10 thoughts on “Hong Kong (part 3)

  1. Bellissime foto e dettagli, posti davvero stupendi,da visitare almeno una volta nella vita!
    Un affettuoso saluto dall’Italia!

  2. About me France, I think that the round figures are nicer than the sharp one ( and colorful too ) , but all those sculptures are really great 😉 OK, Rosanna Li get the point with me, she is the best sculptor 😉 By the way, I can see that people using the stairs have muscular calves , er, what about those using the escalator ? 😉

  3. Did you visit the flower show in HK France, I saw some flowers from this show in Flickr.
    Hope you don’t miss it 🙂 Anyway enjoy your trip !

    • The flower show ? I don’t think I saw it . We explored where they sell flowers. I might have a post on it later as we visited this area the last day(?). Tks for your comment Lina.

  4. J’ai bien aimé te voir parmi les sculptures… ;-)))
    J’ai remarqué aussi le parc que tu nous as présenté. Heureusement qu’il y en a…!
    J’ai hâte de découvrir quelques îles autour de HK.

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