Hong Kong ( part 2)

Day 2 in HK. A long long day  of visit . After breakfast, we took the metro to get to the other side of the harbor. We took a tour with Big Bus. The weather was not the best, it was windy and cold. So we just enjoyed sightseeing around. We also went up to Victoria peak with the tram but all was foggy. So, there was no view on the city!!

Hong Kong is an amazing city, with more skyscrapers than NYC!! Many have interesting architecture. We had a short tour on a Sampan (small boat) in Aberdeen. We saw the biggest floating restaurant!

We walked a bit in SOHO . There are more than 260 islands in HK. Many are like countryside and are a great place for people living in HK to escape the big city of 7 million inhabitants. We also did the night tour in Kowloon and saw the light show across the harbor.

Later, we came back in Kowloon. We went out not so far for dinner in  a typical restaurant by the temple market: broccoli, rice, fried noodles. We were almost the only Caucasians. Food was good. We walked a long way in a street with vendors. The famous night market on Temple is a long long row of merchants selling all kind of stuff.

So much to see in Hong  Kong.  I will show you more on my next post. Next Friday. Thanks for reading and if you read it all, it would be nice for me to read a comment  from you .


14 thoughts on “Hong Kong ( part 2)

  1. Hi France. Lovely photos of Hong Kong and reading about your adventures!
    Charles and i justgot back from small travels. Me to uk he to california
    And we are so glad to be home again and together, My mum is doing well and we had some good times together which ill always treasure. Where are you guys now?
    Hope youre both well love ❤️

    Charles. And pamxxxxx

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. It looks like a colorful and fascinating city. I loved the floating restaurant…. four stories high, wow! Sorry the weather wasn’t good to you. The market looks like a fun place to explore.

  3. Must be strange France to go for a stroll from the crowded downtown to the islands around in the neighbourhood . I saw the same kind of Chineese floating restaurant in the Harbour of Amsterdam in the Netherlands a few years ago. Same frame and color 😉 I enjoy your pictures

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