Cambodia ( part 7)

Today  I am posting photographs of  kids  we saw around the temples of Angkor Wat.

You will feel different emotions while looking at those photos.



What do you think of kids working a few hours a week to bring home a few dollars? I was told they go to school half day and work the other half. Hanging around the temples is the best place for them as it is where the tourists are. The guards are closing their eyes on them as long as they are not disturbing the visit.

We bought bracelets, postcards, a blouse. It was very difficult to say no thanks when you looked in  their eyes  knowing that  one or two dollars would not make a big difference for us . But for them it would.

It is my last post on Cambodia. We flew from Siem Reap to Honk Kong. It will be the story on my next post. Thanks again for your comments and reading.

7 thoughts on “Cambodia ( part 7)

  1. A good collection of pictures of beautiful children.

    It is very different from the lives of our children, here.
    I think, though, that to the minds of the children you saw there, the life they are living probably seems just a normal life. It is only to us it seems wrong… or worthy of pity.

    I’m glad you bought a few things! You are right about the dollars.

    The boy who was making the paintings… if those paintings were his, he is a great talent. I would LOVE to provide him with painting materials, and buy some of his work.

    • thanks so much for taking the time to read my stories. Traveling in country like Cambodia makes you appreciate your own country. I think the kids are happy but it was hard for me to see them working during the time they were not in school.

    • oups… I reply but I lost it. I enjoyed so much this trip and see a different lifestyle. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. You are so sweet.

  2. What do I think of kids working a few hours a week to bring home a few dollars?
    It’s difficult to give you an answer France. It probably would be better for them to go to school , to have a better way of life later, but in an other hand, they need money right now.. So. It was very kind of you to buy them some items. You are a nice person France 😉

    • But the kids go to school also. I guess over there they only do half a day . They also do it in Mexico often because they don’t have enough space for all the kids at once. Merci pour le commentaire.

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