Cambodia ( part 5)

Hello readers ! Happy Friday ! Spring is on its way…

The story of my trip in Cambodia continues.

We still had  time to see more temples. Elephant terrace,  Bantey Prei, Neak Poan, Tan Som, East Mebon, Pre Rup.

I have to say that I asked my guide to write the names of all the temples we  were visiting.  How would I be remembering all those names once  back at home ? He knew a lot about the temples and his English was very good. In fact, you can  easily find a guide who will speak  your language as it is such a touristic place.

Choosing which pictures I will add in this post was not easy. I hope you enjoy them! Maybe you can tell me which one is your favorite.

Elephant Terrace. The terrace was used by Angkor’s king Jayavarman VII as a platform from which to view his victorious returning army.

I told you that we go to the temples by tuk-tuk. Here are some tuk-tuks and their drivers resting in the shade while the tourists are visiting  the temples.

More  photographs of temples. Here is Neak Poan. The Buddhist temple of Preah Neak Poan is a petite yet perfect temple constructed by Jayavarman VII in the late 12th century. It has a large square pool surrounded by four smaller square pools. In the middle of the central pool is a circular ‘island’ encircled by the two nagas whose intertwined tails give the temple its name.

We saw many kids around this temple that day. On another post, I will share many photos of kids we saw. They are beautiful and they know enough English to sell you little souvenirs.

Ta Som temple. The eastern outer gopura has been overgrown by a sacred fig (Ficus religiosa) which has grown down through the blocks that make up the gopura and into the ground. You can see my husband in the photo , it gives you perspective of the size of the tree.

Some very good artists selling their art work around the temples. I did not buy anything, somehow it can be tricky to bring back those images when you try to travel light. You know you can enlarge the photo while clicking on it.

That day we spent the whole morning around temples. It was very hot, so we had a rest at our hotel  in the afternoon. Later we went out again  for 2 hours to take pics around sunset.

Another great day. Thanks to our guide, our time in Angkor  had been wonderful. We had one more day to spend in Siem Reap.

I will show you more about that  day in my next post next Friday. Thanks for reading and for your comments. Have a good Week-end.






13 thoughts on “Cambodia ( part 5)

  1. The temples are so amazing looking. What a magnificent history is seen here.
    All your photos are good, but I think I like best the one with the tuk-tuk drivers under the tree. It shows some modern culture, a beautifully shaped tree, and some bits of temple in the back. A wonderful mixture.

    • thank you. While traveling to this country we are in constant contrast with our life in North America. It is fun and good to discover new way of living…exploring and meeting people so friendly.

  2. J’aime toutes tes photos et j’avoue qu’il m’est bien difficile de choisir celle que je préfère. Mais j’aime vraiment beaucoup la photo avec le bel arbre tout vert et bien taillé à l’ombre duquel les conducteurs de tuk-tuks se reposent. Ensuite j’aime beaucoup le “sacred fig”, très impressionnant par sa taille.

    • J’en garde de beaux souvenirs apres tout ce temps. Il faisait chaud et ca je m’en rappelle aussi. Nous avions des journees bien charges mais apres coup, il est toujours temps de se reposer. Merci bcp de tes gentils commentaires, Mado.

  3. Hi France .
    My favorite photo is the one with the red tuk tuk on the foreground with the landscape in the background 😉 But I also like the one with the shadow of the man on that yellow sunset photo 😉

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