Vietnam ( part 12)

Our  trip in Vietnam  started on February 9, 2014 . We visited Ha Long Bay, Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Dalat, Phan Thiet and finally we ended our travel in the South in HCMC.

We went to see the Cu Chi tunnels with a guide . I really didn’t know much about the Vietnam war. It was quite amazing to see how people hide and fought. It was a real history lesson on the field. And not an easy one !

Later in the city of Saigon we visited the War Renmants Museum.  Again so much history but very difficult to see. War is not something easy to explore  but it is a sad reality.

Also the  went inside the Notre-Dame Cathedral  built between 1877 and 1883 with material shipped from France.

The  Central Post Office was designed by Gustave Eiffel.

We had time to wander in the city.

We had dinner in a pub where we were  able to watch Team Canada  ( hockey)  playing the final game at the Sochi Winter Olympics.  You got to remember that this trip happened in  2014 ( so 4 years ago) .It was exciting for many travelers to see it. Do you remember than Canada won ? And soon it will be another city for Winter Olympics.  PyeongChang in South Korea.  The games are starting on February 9 which is today  but between Vancouver and PyeongChang there are 17 hours difference in time. I always enjoy  watching the Olympics and of course I hope my country wins many medals.

It was our last night in Vietnam. The next day we were  flying to Cambodia. Will you  follow me ? I will show you  part of this country  with  many amazing shots.

Thanks for reading. And for  your comments also.

14 thoughts on “Vietnam ( part 12)

  1. Je me souviens très bien de la poste ! As-tu eu le temps de rentrer à l’intérieur ? Quel est le superbe bâtiment que tu montres après l’hôtel Continental ? Avec la Cathédrale, c’est un autre témoignage de l’occupation française !

    • oui on est entre a la Poste et j’ai fait quelques photos mais elles ne sont pas supebes. Le batiment a droite c’;est l’Opera je crois bien. Merci bcp pour ton message, Christine. Toi qui connait le Vietnam ces images t’on parle. excuse si je ne peux mettre les accents. Petits problemes d’ordi depuis hier soir.

  2. Wonderful series of images. I love the inside of the cathedral…. Wow!
    The tunnel for fighting was frightening, and the sight of the helicopter took me right back to being a teenager in the 1960s.
    I’m glad you enjoyed this trip so much! I can’t believe it was really four years ago!

  3. Quelle belle expérience!
    Je croyais avoir lu tous tes textes mais je me trompais… Je reviendrai lire sur ton voyage au Cambodge!

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