Vietnam (part 7)

The story continues… but first I must say Happy New Year to all of you!!

Our 7th day of cycling  in Vietnam.   Always something interesting to see. Like this lady walking behind the water buffaloes.

Trying to  read the billboard.

We  also stopped to see this man ( injured by a land mine) making tools with old steel rods.

We  left the sea side. Vietnamese do not say “China Sea”,  they prefer to say :”Eastern Sea”. The lunch was typically Vietnamese with soup, rice, vegetables, tofu, meat and fruits. Always so much food  !

Only 5 people from the tour (including me) and 2 guides did the  23 rolling km of the afternoon ride. It was a challenge for me but at the end, I was  very happy I did.  It showed me I was  in good shape.  I ended only few minutes behind the others. We were getting close to another city : Dalat.  “The little Paris” is the nickname of this city on the mountains. We were going up to the mountains.

It is such a great part of the country to see. So much green, coffee plantations, strawberries and so many  green houses for growing flowers and vegetables.

The climate around Dalat is quite different than other parts of Vietnam. We are now in Central Highlands. Warm days but cool nights.  Our guide told us they have 4 seasons in one day here ! A little bit like Vancouver !!  I will tell more about Dalat on my next post.

Thanks for reading !

13 thoughts on “Vietnam (part 7)

  1. I love your zest for exploring and seeing the world!! A bike trip in SE Asia would be such an experience! I want to do one in and around Luang Prabang in Laos. That was one of my favorite places to visit. Have you been there? It’s so beautiful and the friendliest people. Have fun France!!

  2. Heheh… the sign probably says ‘work hard for the country, for ask not what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country…’ or something like that?
    Only thing was – the road traffic and conditions safe for all that biking?

    • Our main guide was from Vietnam . He knew very well the best place to bike and had been doing this tour a few times. . So yes, it was safe. As for the sign … he did translate to us but I don’t recall exactly the meaning ! 🙂

  3. Great story and photos. I was interested in the water buffalo… they have ropes going into their noses…. looks uncomfortable. And I was trying to figure out what sort of tools the man was making, but I couldn’t! Great shots of the food… you do good food shots… the food always looks so appetizing it makes me feel hungry, even when I am not! What a great trip!

  4. La nourriture est très attrayante! Et les marchés offrent de beaux produits.
    J’ai trouvé étonnant, dans la partie précédente je crois, de voir des vendeurs de produits assis presque par terre, les produits sont aussi par terre et les poulets vivants… des images bien surprenantes pour nous ici.

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