Vietnam ( part 6)

For you readers it is the end of 2017 but my story here is from February 2014.

After our time in Hoi An, we took a short  flight from Danang to Nha Trang. This is the beach by our resort.

After lunch, we left the resort for a 34 km ride. 17 km to go until we reached a fishing village and then we returned to the hotel.

The very last few km was in the city and we had to make our way through the bikes, the motorbikes, the cars, the trucks and also the pedestrians. I had to stay focus and indicate where I was going. I think people in those big cities in Vietnam get used to that type of circulation. Less honking here than in Hanoi or Hue , maybe less honking the further south we go?

The next morning, we traveled by mini-bus for about 45 minutes and then we started riding. Only 2 hours of bike- around 35 km. We got to see the rice almost ready to be harvested and  taste some milk apple or milk fruit. It was  good.

We cycled mostly on small and quiet roads along fields , crossing few villages and once a bigger city where it was  market day.  Warm but a bit humid. The temperature of the day was around 28 C with 59% humidity.

In the afternoon we visited  the Cham Towers dedicated to the Hindu godness Po-Negar.

The next day   was our 7th day of cycling  in Vietnam.  We did 35 km before lunch and 23 km after. Nice sunny day. So much to see again. We first cycled in the countryside, we saw sugar cane plantations, fields of watermelon, trees of cashews and tapioca. We  left the sea side. Vietnamese do not say “China Sea”,  they prefer to say :”Eastern Sea”. The lunch was typically Vietnamese with soup, rice, vegetables, tofu, meat and fruits. Always so much food  !

I will tell more about  Vietnam and especially about Dalat on my next post. I hope you enjoy reading my story. Thanks for your comments. New Year is just around the corner so I will say to you today: Happy New Year. I hope your life is full of wonderful adventures.




11 thoughts on “Vietnam ( part 6)

  1. Le Vietnam semble un très beau pays à visiter!
    La nourriture est appétissante, les paysages sont verdoyants, les gens souriants, c’est une destination que j’aimerais faire en Asie! Merci France de nous faire connaître ce beau coin de la planète!

    • Thanks. We have good memories of this trip and writing about it made the fun last longer. Thanks for your comment on my post. More to come next week..or should I say next year . Yes next week it will be 2018. Happy New Year to you.

  2. This trip is just so amazing, knowing the USA was at war there during my teen and young adult years. To see the smiling faces and hear about the crops and see the temples is wonderful. Milk Fruit? I don’t think that one has hit our supermarket yet! And I didn’t know tapioca grew on trees! Great series.

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