Vietnam ( part 2)

Today I will talk to you about our excursion from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. On our way there, we saw many people working on rice fields. Sometimes, they use water buffalo instead of a tractor. We passed many small villages. We could see the shops and people riding their bikes . We saw ladies walking while using a pole (on their shoulder) to balance the weight of the baskets. This is very traditional in Vietnam. As well as the conical hat that is kept on the head by a cloth (often silk)  chin strap. It protects the face from the sun or the rain.

We also saw  a woman selling fruits along the road. I am not sure what fruit it is . Maybe mangoes ?

We got on a small boat to get to our ship where we would  have dinner, spend the night and have breakfast. It was a mini-cruise on the Emeraude Classic. Too bad the weather was so cold. We could not enjoy  the deck very much.

There were plenty of things to do while we were in Ha Long Bay. We  saw a fishing village with the floating houses. Can you imagine how life must be here ? A community of around 1,600 people live on Ha Long Bay in four fishing villages.

We visited some caves and a pearl farm.

Ha Long Bay is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rain forest.

The next morning, after a session of Tai-Chi ( at 6:30 AM) and breakfast, we went back to Hanoi.  It took  more than 3 hours  with one stop ( for  bathroom) as the road was quite busy with buses and trucks. I must say it was interesting to see this UNESCO World Heritage Site but I wish we had warmer weather.

Maybe you went to Ha Long Bay. If  you did  , did you like it ?

Thanks for reading. I will show you more about Hanoi in my next post.



8 thoughts on “Vietnam ( part 2)

  1. It is a beautiful place, in many ways, and so very different from here. I liked the fruit being sold in what looked like a desert. I wondered how the people in the little houses in the fishing village were keeping warm, since the weather was so cold.
    I liked the pearl inside the oyster, and I think the bay is beautiful, with those famous rocks in the water.
    Lovely photos!

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