Memories from Thailand, 2014 (part 6)

On our last full day in Chiang Mai, we enjoyed a parade  before going up to Doi Suthep to see  one of the north’s most sacred temple. The road was steep with many curves. Half way up,  we spent time in a  quiet temple. Our friend told us that not too many people knew this place. I am happy to say that we stopped to see it . It was a  good place for photography and  it had a feel of peace .

… and then we arrived to the main temple , walked up 306 steps  to get to that busy place with many tourists. This place is over 600 years old and if you go to Chiang Mai you will want to see it.

We saw some little kids  playing on the steps. They were wearing traditional costume of the  Hmong tribe.

The Hmong are an ancient tribal people whose origins are something of a mystery. With no written script of their own, they have preserved their history through tribal traditions and folklore, but the identity of their ancestral homeland has been irrevocably lost in time and translation. It is known only that they traveled through ‘a land of dry sands and of cold and snow’ and ‘a land six months light and six months dark’, to Mongolia and southern China. Today, most remaining Hmong are still concentrated in remote, mountainous regions of southern China, but they can also be found in Burma, Laos and Thailand.

We had to say good bye to our friend Fred.  More travel days were ahead of us. I will   now post about  what we did after we left Thailand. Thanks again for reading.


10 thoughts on “Memories from Thailand, 2014 (part 6)

  1. I loved seeing the temples… how beautiful they both are.
    The children’s costumes, and the legend of the Hmong tribe are fascinating to me. It sounds like they came over the top of the world to get there. Beautiful clothing!

    • La suite se passe au Vietnam… tu viendras voir ce que j’en dit… :-)). Merci pour le commentaire. PS: je prefere faire des “posts” assez courts . Ça decourage moins les lecteurs je crois. :-))

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