Memories from Thailand , 2014 ( part 2)

The story of our trip to Thailand continues. I hope you will enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed our trip . With all the photos I have taken I have very good memories of this trip even if it happened  more than 3 years ago.

We had a rental car and Fred was our driver. Did you know that Thailand is like England or Australia  ? What I mean is that they do not drive the same way we do in Canada. In Thailand people drive on the left side of the road. In Thailand, most people drive a scooter or a motorcycle. Here is a woman going to work on the fields.

On that day , we headed north until we reached a small village called Nawai. In the fields grow  many produces but don’t ask me what it is…

We walked up the mountain to enjoy the view.

By the side of the road, we saw some coffee beans  drying in the sun. As you know  they get the brown color after roasting.

The next day, we visited the Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang. Beautiful flowers everywhere .

We arrived in Thaton later that day and settled at the Old Tree’s house. The owner , a French man and his Thai wife , has a wonderful small resort for the tourists eager to spend time in Northern Thailand. We had our own bungalow.

The first night we had dinner in town at the Sunshine Cafe. Delicious food and very inexpensive. It was a simple restaurant. The lady here is working by herself .

I will tell you more about this trip another day.

Thanks for your visit .

12 thoughts on “Memories from Thailand , 2014 ( part 2)

  1. The photo of the lady on the bike gives us a casual glance at how beautiful the countryside is, in Thailand. The misty blues of the distant slope, seen through the shapely trees, are beautiful. And I love the one of the fields growing crops… very beautiful!
    I did not know coffee beans were yellow! Not being a coffee drinker I learned much about them.
    The flowers are gorgeous!
    And it looks like your bungalow had its own little pool? Wow!

    • thanks for your comment. I have 4 more posts on this trip from Thailand… ads more posts on other places after. I am happy to read that you enjoy it. Have you been to Thailand ?

    • thanks for your comment. I have 4 more posts to share from our time in Northern Thailand and then… I will share our adventure in Vietnam. Another great country to see. Make a plan to go. you would enjoy it.

      • We will probably have to wait for our son to grow up a little bit (he’s eight months old now), but a trip to Asia is on our bucket list. One day!

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