Sonoma Valley

On a foggy March morning, we got ready to explore Sonoma Valley. First , we walked a bit in the town of Sonoma ( we had been there in 2014) but it was nice to see it again.  A beautiful park  with spring blossoms in the Italian garden.

Sometimes,  we  stop to capture the landscape…

There were no leaves yet on the grapevines…

So many wineries in this area of California … more than  425 and 70 varieties of wine grapes.

Some of the wineries have nice buildings and it gives me opportunity to take photos like I always do.  Here is Chateau St.Jean

Ledson Castle is an architectural showpiece nested among 20 acres of estate vineyards.

We were not really trying to go for tasting  the wine  but we certainly enjoyed very much spending time  and exploring . Spring time is probably a lot more quiet  than if we were visiting in fall when the grapes are ready to be picked.

We also  visited Santa Rosa but I will not say more about this city on this post. It will be for next week. Thank you so much for your visit and comment.



8 thoughts on “Sonoma Valley

  1. So many mansion-like houses. Very fancy.
    I love seeing the orderly fields of vines.
    Good job on these photos, to give us the flavor of the place.

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