More on Death Valley National Park

The story of our visit in Death Valley continues here…

Now , we will go  for a short hike to see the Natural bridge. We hiked up the dramatic canyon to see this formation. It was  very hot. We did not know yet that  we were getting one of the warmest day of our trip !

Death Valley’s dramatic relief is the result of fracturing and tilting of the Earth’s  surface which transformed the regions’ once featureless terrain to the spectacular landscape present today.

Another  interesting  place to see was the Devils Golf Course. We were not going to play golf  but have a look at the crystallized salt. It was named after a line in the 1934  National Park Service   guide book to Death Valley National Monument, which stated that “Only the devil could play golf” on its surface, due to a rough texture from the large halite salt crystal  formations.

One more  short hike on that day to see the Golden Canyon. One of the most popular hike in the park. Narrow passageway beneath high colorful hills  that ends at sculpted canyon head wall.

Very  important to drink as much water as possible on those very hot days.

DVNP, the hottest place on earth. It holds the record : 134 F/ 57C.

Thanks to all for  reading and/or commenting .  More on DVNP  with my next post.




22 thoughts on “More on Death Valley National Park

  1. We actually have not read up much about death valley. Always thought it to be just a wide expanse of desert. So it does have other features too! Yeah, lots of water and a tank full of gas is important if one is in this parts!

  2. You were brave to hike in those temperatures. I’m glad you had lots of water with you! What a strangely beautiful place!

  3. We visited Death Valley during our trip from Mammoth Lakes to Las Vegas. It was under the heat of August 2017, with highs of around 120F at Badwater and 116F at Furnace Creek. Simply put, we fell in love with DV, despite the heat, such a breathtaking place! Don’t miss it! We will visit DV again next winter.

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