Badwater Salt Flat

Lowest point in North America and the driest place in USA.  We were 282 feet/86 m below sea level.  A very  impressive site.

It was quite amazing to see snow on that mountain, the Panamint range.

The salt flats in Badwater Basin cover nearly 200 square miles, among the largest protected salt flats in the world. The vast surreal salt flats of Badwater Basin change constantly. Sodium chloride-better know as table salt- makes up the majority of salts of this basin. Other minerals found there include calcite, gypsum and BORAX.

A   DVNP ranger  and a scientist from the  SETI Institute  were there that day to explain to the tourists about rain and storm in DV.

More to come  on my blog  with other areas of the park… Thanks for your comment or visit.


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