Harmony Borax Works

The story of our time in DVNP continues here…

After  spending time on the sand dunes , we drove to see  The Harmony Borax Works, an historic mining site where the famous 20-mule Team wagon began their grueling  165 mile   (264 km) journey south to the Mojave railroad depot. This place is an outside  museum  with lots of information.

Twenty mule Teams is the symbol of the Borax industry. A mineral found in soil, plants and even our bodies. It can be used as a laundry booster and many other uses. Harmony Borax works was the central feature in the opening of Death Valley. The first discovery was made in 1881. It was transported via 20 mule team. The plant shut down in 1928. Borax was also found in other countries.

You probably know a little bit more about borax if you read all the panels I shared with you.  It is hot , very hot in Death Valley, so we will move on to another spot and enjoy the AC in the car  for a few minutes ! Our next stop is The Badwater Salt Flat and it will be the topic  ( with photos of course) of my next post.

Thank you ! Have a great WE.


2 thoughts on “Harmony Borax Works

  1. Funny, the only reason they didn’t work in the summer was because the Borax wouldn’t crystalize? Crazy! How could anyone live in 120F?
    Amazing place, scary, and a bit dreadful! Great photos!

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