Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes (DVNP)

March 2017.  So 4 months ago we were  in DVNP…

Morning on the sand dunes was fantastic. Before it was too warm and crowded. I took many  photos and here I will share some with you.  And also  advices from a SAND DUNE:

Soak up the sunshine, stay loose, keep moving, embrace winds of change, make positive ripples, don’t get carried away, show your true grit !!!

Pretty flower I saw on the edge of the sand dune.  Larrea tridentata is known as creosote bush .

DVNP is a large area to cover in two days.  So we did not waste too much time as we really wanted to see as much as possible. I will post more photos in another post of  other areas  of the park. Hopefully you enjoyed the photos here . Thanks for your visit.

7 thoughts on “Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes (DVNP)

  1. We’ve not walked on sand dunes before. The time in Perth did not count because we were busy sandboarding….and the time in China also not – because we were on camels…it must truly be two steps forward, one step back!

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