4 Seasons

Antonio Vivaldi wrote the  “Le Quattro Stagioni” ,  each of which gives a musical expression to a season of the year.  Beautiful music !   Today my  post  reflects on  our 4 seasons in Canada. Is there a perfect season ? Or is it just perfect that we  have 4 seasons  (at least here in Canada) ?


Spring. La primavera. It was not my favorite season when I lived in Quebec ( for about 30 years). Ski season was over. We couldn’t cycle yet. The grass wasn’t green. The snow was melting too slowly (and was dirty) and it was still cold.  As a Vancouverite, spring has become almost my favorite season.  In February – it is still winter- but in my garden I am delighted to see snowdrops followed by crocuses. We start to see flowers (the bulbs) very early and the trees are blooming in March and April.  At last, there is not as many rainy days.  Except this year ( so much rain !).


And lilac  is a good sign of spring.


Tulip time is  fantastic when we can visit those  large fields. It has become an interesting outing for us who live in the Lower Mainland. Just south of the border it is also possible to enjoy such beauty. I took this photo in April 2014 in Agassiz, British Columbia. Isn’t it beautiful ?


Summer.  L’estateSummer Solstice is on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 9:24 pm in Vancouver. This day is 8 hours, 4 minutes longer than  December Solstice day. The longest day of the year. Oh ! Joy! Dinners outside will  be in order and spending time in the garden to keep it nice.  I am not really a person who spend time at the beach  but walking by the water is wonderful with the smell and the wind.  When I am not traveling  I rather hike or cycle and it is why I really enjoy summer. The birds are happily singing early in the morning inviting me to get out of bed .



Summer is also time to pick up berries. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  I like to have those local berries in my freezer for the winter months.

Sometimes, I enjoy splendid sunsets. This one was taken from English Bay.


Too soon, for me, summer is fading away.  Days are not as long and not as warm although we rarely suffer from high heat during the summer months in Vancouver. The word fall is not my favorite word of the dictionary.

Fall is l’autonno in Italian.  Fall is a bit sad for me. Falling leaves, cool days  and more rainy days. But on a positive note we see magnificent trees and beautiful leaves.  And when we get  sunny days , we want  to be outside cleaning up the garden once more. Walking in the forest is  good to stay connected with nature that is preparing for a rest.



Winter. L’inverno. We are getting more rainy days . The days are very dark. We might get snow in the city but mostly we get  it on our local mountains. I used to go up to do cross-country skiing. When snow falls in the city, why not making a snowman ? No need to have little kids around. I have my inner child.  I had fun creating  “Alfred” in December 2016.


Now, you know that I like  the 4 seasons. You also know  which one is my favorite if you read until here. Maybe you can tell me which one is your favorite ?

Thanks for reading and your comments. Happy 4 seasons !




12 thoughts on “4 Seasons

  1. This is the wonder of living in a land of 4 seasons. While some may envy those in the tropics, it is really the privilege of living in the seasons that one can see how nature moves!

    • yes, we have time to enjoy different weather and we often look forward to the one that appeal to us depending if we like snow ( and ski) or hike in fair weather. this year, summer is very slow to arrive.

  2. Autumn here in Melbourne is lovely. Not too hot but still with some warm days. Spring, my second favourite season can have quite a bit of rain. I like all the seasons for the change but you get over too much heat and too much cold. i don’t think I could handle living in a place with just two seasons – wet and dry. Love your little snowman. Louise

  3. I think I like autumn the best…. the ghastly heat finally eases, and the fresh cool breezes under that amazing autumn blue sky…. magical. The colors are phenomenal, and the woodland undergrowth dies down so I can walk in the woods again.
    I used to love summer the most! But I can’t take the heat anymore, and have to stay indoors most of the time.
    Your blog was beautiful. That second autumn photo was gorgeous… my favorite!

    I would not want to live in a place with no seasons!

  4. Bonjour France, Je viens de lire et REGARDER ta chronique sur les saisons et c’est vraiment très très bon ! Les photos sont MAGNIFIQUES !!! Ma saison préférée est le printemps car c’est celle de toutes les promesses et du renouveau ! Je pourrais avoir 4 printemps par année…mais j’aime bien l’alternance des saisons , car chacune a ses charmes ! Profites bien de l’été qui commence demain !

  5. Allô France
    J’aime des portions de chacune des saisons, L’hiver, quand il y a de la neige pour faire du ski, du patin, et que nos pas crissent dans la neige.
    La lumière du printemps, le chant du merle, les premiers jours de chaleur, le vert des premiers bourgeons, m’énergisent.
    L’été, admirer le fleuve, les montagnes, lors des belles journées douces et ensoleillées, et l’automne pour ses matins frais et les coloris des arbres.
    La nature à ses charmes en toute saison!
    Francelle xx

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