Mission Santa Inés

To share my visits of the Missions,  the text will be short, I will rather let the pictures tell the story of what we saw.

The architecture of the 21 Spanish Mission built along El Camino Real (1769-1823) reflects both the simple tastes of their Franciscan founders and the limited resources of material and skilled labor available. The missions were constructed of stone and adobe, finished inside and out with whitewashed mud plaster and topped with pitched roofs of hewn timber covered with red tile.

Located in beautiful rolling hills in the city of Solvang,  Santa Inés has been called the “Hidden Gem of the Missions.” It was founded  on September 17,1804. The 19th of the 21 Missions in California. It is named for Saint Agnes of Rome, a 13 year old roman girl martyred in A.D. 304. It is an active church, the responsibility of Capuchin Franciscans since 1924.

We arrived in Solvang with  heavy rain. I took the first photo through the window of the car. But it did not stop us to visit. My photos will tell more.

We really did not want to spend much time in the garden but we were happy with our visit.

After this visit,   there were only 3 more Missions for us to see  in California.

Thank you so much for reading and if you want to comment, you are welcome ! Have a great WE.




10 thoughts on “Mission Santa Inés

  1. So nice to read that you visited Santa Inés! I’ve been there before whenever I drop by Solvang. Your photos make the place all the more beautiful to check out. Thanks for sharing!

    • thanks so much for your comment. The Missions are great to see . Now it is fun for me to say that I’ve seen all of 21. Solvang is a wonderful town. We truly enjoyed our visit.

  2. I really like these images. The details are so nice! It is always a pleasure to travel with you through your photos.

    Thanks dear friend.

  3. I went to Santa Ines a long time ago for a school field trip. In retrospect, looking at the map, I can’t believe we drove all that distance from Los Angeles!

    • Almost 3 hours could be long if you were only driving to see the Mission. We were on a very well planned road trip and we knew exactly where we wanted to stop in order to see specific places. Solvang is a cute little town. Did you go as a 4th grader ? We were told many time that the Spanish Missions are part of the curriculum. thanks for your comment. did you see any other Missions? On my next post I will show you La Purisima Concepcion…

      • I’ve been to La Purisma and Santa Barbara when I was in 4th grade. And I went to San Diego when I lived there.

      • cool…maybe you have to see the other one… If you dig into my blog you’ll find a post on all of them except the last two ( coming this We and next..) I post once/week. You would love to see San Juan Capistrano . It was the first mission I saw ( in 2013) and that day I discovered there were 21 ! We completed with 3 more trips … always a road trip !

  4. It’s a pity that you had a bad weather … I think it is the mission I prefer among the six we have visited !

    • je pense que ma preferee est celle de San Juan Capistrano…pour les jardins . C’est aussi la premire mission que j’ai visite. Vous avez du aller voir La Purissima concepcion ? merci de ta visit Christine

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