Mission San Antonio de Padua

We  are back to visit more  Spanish Missions in California.  If you are really interested with this topic and want to see more , I already wrote a few posts  on  other Missions  (visited last year and  before ). On this trip, we made the plan to see 7 of them.  And then  be able to say that we saw them all.  Do you know how many we can see  ? Visiting a Mission ( or a park or a beach) in February has no warranty of  good weather but we were lucky when we arrived in Jolon where is located  Mission San Antonio de Padua. It is probably the least visited as  it is far away from a major city.    It sits within the “Valley of the Oaks” on California’s scenic Central Coast.

To share my visits of the Missions,  the text will be short, I will rather let the pictures tell the story of what we saw.

It was the 3rd California Mission,  founded on July 14,1771.   Mission San Antonio appears as it did more than 200 years ago. This mission was named for Saint Antony of Padua, a 13th century Franciscan. I believe he is the saint we think about to  “obtain a Grace or to find a lost object”. I know  I often invoke him  and I also thanked him when i found the object misplaced.

We visited the garden , the museum,  a wonderful gift shop ( lots of beautiful art and a very friendly lady who took time to explain where this art was coming from) and  the church . It is still an active Catholic parish.

Nice drawing on the walls.

You could buy a little souvenir like this one ! A  magnet  for my refrigerator!

It was a nice visit. Hopefully more people will go and see it.

On the same day we had time to visit another Mission. You’ll see it on my next post. Thanks so much for reading and if you comment , you know it is greatly appreciated.




6 thoughts on “Mission San Antonio de Padua

    • en 2013, j’avais visite la mission San Juan Capistrano et j’avais été emerveillée par la beaute des jardins ( c’etait le printemps..et eja la lavande etait en fleurs…) et tres intriguée par l’histoire des Missions dont je n’avais jamais entendue parler. J’ai decouvert ce jour-là qu’il y avait 21 missions espagnoles en Californie et puis l’idée est venue d’aller les voir toutes. Comme on va en Californie assez facilement on a pu ainsi les voir. J’ai des textes sur chacune des missions. Il me reste deux a partager ici. Va voir celle de San Juan Capistrano… tu dois remonter un peu sur mon blog ou bien je t’envoie le lien pour que ca soit plus facile. Merci bcp de ton commentaire Fred.

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