As a traveler I capture lots of photos.  Those are my best memories. I can always go back to them and recall  the moment. I don’t want it to be only an  image sitting in a folder of my computer. I want to share it with people who appreciate the art of photography.  I might inspire people who are going to look at them and think “I really want to go there one day.” It happened to me many times. Do you recall it happen to you also ? Would you tell me ?

Today , only a few pictures from different trips or  sometimes just around where I live. Taken with my small camera  or with my smartphone.  I picked 12 photos just for you. And maybe just for my own pleasure of sharing.   Macro, nature, architecture, landscape, food or people. It is all interesting for me.

Many thanks for viewing and comments.

January : Vancouver, BC

February. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Chiracahua National Monument Monument , Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona

March: Just in a grocery store !

May: Palouse, Washington State, USA

July: British-Columbia, Canada

September:  La Morra, Piedmont, Italy.

Montforte d’Alba,  Piedmont, Italy

Boccadasse,  Italy

November: Vancouver, Canada

December: Whistler, Canada

If you have a favorite photo, tell me which one.





11 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Palouse, Washinton State est ma photo préférée . On dirait une peinture ! incroyable la beauté et la diversité de notre planète ! Bravo encore , tu es vraiment très talentueuse ! Martine xxx

    • Merci. Comme ton petit frerot qui aimait bcp la photo..cela devient une passion…on regarde -on est au bon endroit, au bon moment et on rapporte des images qui sont aussi agreables a partager. Bon WE et merci pour le commentaire. bisous

  2. Montforte d’Alba, Italie et Palouse, Washinton state sont mes préférées! Pour les couleurs, la beauté, le plaisir de regarder et imaginer que je verrai ces endroits. Merci France pour ce moment agréable!

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