“Easter is meant to be a symbol of HOPE, RENEWAL and NEW LIFE.” (J. di Giovanni)

It is the time where trees are blooming, new animals at the farm, spring flowers are a delight to see after the winter months and sometimes it is sunny. Not very sunny for us in Vancouver. Or we need to call our city “Raincouver” again !

I wish you all a good Easter, with a little chocolate  but especially some good time with people you love.


5 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Merci France ! À toi et à ta famille également, on souhaite une magnifique journée de Pâques ! C’est effectivement le plus beau temps de l’année, puisque c’est celui de toutes les promesses ! Affection, Martine et Claude xxx

  2. Happy Easter to you too! Here in Italy (in Milan) we had a sunny day with some wind and very clear sky (which doesn’t happen so often). It was a typical spring day, my favourite days!

    • I was very happy it was not raining today. This winter/spring has been very rainy . I saw tulips and other pretty flowers. I love spring ! tks for your comment, Ivana.

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