Puerto Vallarta (part 1)

dsc00503 I am not counting anymore how many times we have been to Puerto Vallarta.

I remember the very first time it was in 2002. This was a 3 weeks vacation. We stayed two weeks in PV and one week in Nuevo Vallarta ( a bit further north than PV).

We stay not too far from the marina where we can find lots of restaurants. One night we walked in this area. I was pleased to see the colors of the sunset and the reflections of the lighthouse …


We enjoy walking on the beach every day . I will show you what we see. The birds, nice flowers, driftwood, shacks and sign warning us about crocodiles.






On the beach we see many shacks. I don’t think people live there all the time. They are built with any material they can find.


On that beach, there are also many restaurants that are popular with locals.


and now …the crocodiles. It was the first time we saw crocodiles at this spot. Close by a little lagoon. We saw two, a big and a small one. They were sleeping  I think or they were faking it ?


dsc00576I did not like very much to see them and the fence didn’t make a big difference. Do you know what they eat ? How  fast they run ? I was also interested to know so we did a little research.

The American is one of the larger crocodile species. Males can reach lengths of 6.1 m (20 ft), weighing up to 907 kg (2,000 lb). On average, mature males are more in the range of 4.1 m (13 ft) to 4.8 m (16 ft) in length weighing about 400 kg (880 lb). Fish, reptiles, birds and small mammals make up the majority of their diet. On occasion, large mammals such as deer and cattle  are taken. Their dietary habits in coastal regions are not well studied. Like any other large crocodilian, the American crocodile is potentially dangerous to humans, but it is not a very aggressive species and attacks are rare. The can run up to 32 km/hour ( in the water).

The sky at the end of a day is always interesting to admire.


On my next post, I will show you “el centro”  (downtown) of Puerto Vallarta.

Thanks for reading. Your comments are always appreciated.

Hasta luego!






La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (part 3)

La Cruz is a nice small village. A few thousand people and a few more during the winter months. Many fishermen. The mercado is always busy in the morning. I like to look but the smell is the  what you expect in a fish market. So I never stay very long around. Sailboats and yachts for sea lovers. I prefer to stay on land and look at the sea. But if you want  you can go on excursion on catamaran or sailboat.


The streets are not all paved. I mentioned  it in a previous post. Most of them are dirt or simply paved with some rocks. The cars cannot drive very fast. Some streets have no street lights. You can walk in the middle of the street or on the sidewalk but you always must be looking where you walk (there are holes and uneven sidewalks). I prefer to wear my running shoes when I walk in the village. It is not a place for fancy shoes.

There is a large park that is often busy with entertainment. We see a lot of signs “SE VENDE” (for sale). Some buildings are very old.  Or  they look old. There are enough stores to find what we need. Many seem to sell the same things. There are enough restaurants also. Some are more for the people who come here to spend winter  (The gringos). Sometimes,  there is just a grill installed on the side of the road. They put a table and a few chairs and they wait for customers. dsc00400

This is a bit like in Vietnam. Cooking outside, eating outside. We like TACO ON THE STREET. It is a simple restaurant with tacos. Very good. They also have flan for dessert. And it is very inexpensive.

We go for our usual walk at the marina in the morning and also we walk on the street where they have the market. Every Wednesdays, the street has vendors: kitchen stuff, clothing, toys, CD and also some fruits and vegetables. I really don’t see anything interesting. Later we will go again for our walk on the beach. My collection of sea glass is getting bigger. And every time we collect the glass, the beach is safer. I would be sorry to know someone has walk on broken glass. The glass we find is not always soft. With my collection I will try to be creative. I will keep only the best sea glass and play with it. Then I take a photo of my creation and put the sea glass back in the container. Here is an example of what I have done.


Why do I like so much Mexico ? The sunny days allow us to spend more time outside without having to bundle. It is a vacation for our normal day life and I must assure you that it is very pleasant. I really enjoy the sky and looking at the ocean.


Flowers are beautiful.


I also have a chance to practice the language. I have been taking lessons before and I feel confident to speak it . For me, learning some words spoken in any country I travel is important. At least  very basic words like : Hola, adios,  por favor, gracias.  But now that I have started to learn Italian, I get a little confused but it is OK. French, Italian and Spanish have lots of similarity. So if I say per favore instead of por favor, they will understand !

On my next post, I will talk about Puerto Vallarta.

Adios y hasta la próxima!

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (part 2)

In this post you will know more about this village we stayed.  La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

When on vacations, I barely look at the calendar but I try to know what day of the week it is. We get up when we are ready. In La Cruz, we like to go for our morning walk before breakfast and before it gets too hot too. We walk by the marina. The smell is not very nice but it is fun to see the action. Customers come early to get fresh fish.


Men are chatting. I notice how the Mexicans never run. Why should they? The sun rises. They get up. The sun moves slowly and when it sets, they also call it a day. No need to be stressed. They do not look stress but I also know that most of them are not rich. They have a simple house, a simple life.


Many of them have never traveled outside their country. Our morning walk last about one hour. After that, I am ready for my second shower of the day!

La Cruz is a small village a few thousand people. Many people                  (Canadians  or Americans ) come here to spend winter away from snow, cold and rain. Here at Villa Amor del Mar, I enjoy the quiet garden. When I am too hot, I refresh in the pool for a few minutes.

I like to walk in the village. There are very few cars. Many streets are just cobblestones. I think the main street is paved and most of the streets are just like the one you see here.dsc00187

People hang their clothing to dry. Why not ? It is sunny and it will dry in no time.dsc00197

I will show you a few of the birds we see.  The first one is an egret.  Probably the snowy egret. Which is a small white heron.




You might know more than me about those birds. If you do, tell me what you think those are. Thanks.

More on La Cruz in my next post. Hasta luego!



La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (part 1)

Viva Mexico!

We are in a small village of the state of Nayarit. La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.


I wake up around 8:30 so in reality it is early ( because there are two hours difference in time with home).  I am ready to enjoy the sun. I go on our balcony to listen to the sound of the waves.  I see the vendors installing their stuff for Sunday market.


We made the plan to go later after coffee and breakfast. I even have time to read in the morning. A real sign that I am on holiday. I never read during the day  at home. I like to look at the action in front of our place. I see a man fishing with a net. This is often the way they do it in Mexico. We take our time and only when we are ready we go to the market. We are looking for cheese, strawberries, nuts and bread. I even spot a cute little beach dress. And I buy it.

Later in the afternoon, we go for our walk on the beach and I start my collection of sea glass. We find a lot a sea glass. Dark green,  light green, brown, white. I find also some interesting shells and some rocks. We walk for about one hour, slowly. We are going to do it everyday. I just love it.


I should talk a little about the little B & B where we stay. It is called Villa Amor del Mar. Chris and Cindy Bouchard own this place. They are fantastic people.  This is the perfect spot for a wonderful relaxing vacation. After being there 3 times, I feel so at home there. And of course, we know better the village also. In the next photo, you see the pool and the beach is right there (the light in this  picture is not the best). We can use the paddle board if we want or just relax in the sun or in she shade.


You can check it out here:  http://www.villaamordelmar.com/


When we are at the villa , I like to get up early to see the sunrise. It is so nice. I take pictures and quickly I send them to  friends  or family. I like to share those special moments. I am sure you also  enjoy sunrises and sunsets.


For me it is a little paradise. I can’t wait to go back  again. Does that sound a great spot for you ? Let me know what you think ! I will talk more about the village on my next post. Thanks for reading. Hasta luego.



Flying to Mexico

Hello readers !

Another adventure, another story to share with you.  Phillip Pullman said:  “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” Do you think he is right ?  I am happy to tell my stories and I certainly think someone will be happy to read it also.  If  you have time . I try to make it short  (only 377 words here)…  Here is another of my travel story. If you have been traveling to Mexico, tell me where as I still want to see more of this amazing country.

We have been many times to Mexico but I realize that I never blog about it.  To make it easy to remember I started to write a journal every day. I decided to write in present tense. I notice this way of writing while I was  reading a book and I liked this idea.  Present or past, what is better to use ?

“I wake up early. Earlier than my normal time. I almost never use my alarm clock. The night before our departure, I set up my alarm but forgot to put it on! We used to have to get up at 3 AM for a 6 or 6:30 departure from YVR. Now, we have a better flight. We leave from Abbotsford airport. Departure at 9:25 with a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta. We leave the house. It is dark and it is raining. Bye bye rain ! Good to know we are going to have many sunny days for the next 3 weeks. Yes, 3 weeks, this is great.

We fly over Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico. We are going to spend one week in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, about 25 km north of Puerto Vallarta. Then, 2 weeks in Puerto Vallarta.

I love looking at the earth. I like to take photos of what our beautiful earth looks like from above. This is what I want to share with you  now.”





We are flying over Mexico and we can see the Pacific Ocean.



Finally, we  are almost landing and we can see buildings and some hotels.


I will tell you more about our time in Mexico in my next  post. If you have read my post until here , do not forget to tell me you favorite city in Mexico . Gracias.

Hasta luego!