Florence will be the last city we visited on this European trip. We did not have much time  to spend there.  The center of the city is very compact and can be visited by foot in a day or two if it is all what you have.  Our hotel was well located. Probably less than 700 meters from the famous Ponte Vecchio.



Florence’s most famous bridge is lined with gold and silver shops, diamonds also . The bridge is always busy with people walking and taking pictures! Not sure if people are buying but looking is fun and free.

We walked up some stairs and reached Piazzale Michelangelo. Great view on the city from there because we had to go up.  We could see the whole center of the city and of course the Duomo.


Every corner of the city is interesting.  Most churches now operate like museums, charging  an admission fee to see their art treasures.  The Duomo   also called Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral was free.  The Church’s noisy neo-Gothic façade from the 1870s is covered with pink, green and white Tuscan marble. The inside of the Dome  is decorated by one of the largest painting of the Renaissance, a huge Last Judgment by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari.  We spent about 30 minutes inside.


Many piazzas,  sculptures  and  great architecture everywhere. Florence is a very touristic city. We saw many people traveling in group.  The city is safe and if you like walking you can just do it  all day long.  You cannot get bored as long as you stop to rest, have a gelato or a cappucino.  This is Italy !  If you like Renaissance paintings you go to the Uffizi Gallery.   In the Uffizi’s courtyard , many artists and statues of Florentines like Galileo, Dante, Machiavelli , Michelangelo, Vespucci and “the mangificient ” de Medici.


dsc03922If you want to see David , you go to the Accademia but you can also see him at the  Piazzale Michelangelo and here it is free . I only show you the back here !!!


If you’ve been to Italy, you know how great is to visit  the country, enjoy the food and the wine. The people are friendly. They speak English. The trains are not expensive and  are  easy to take . I am already thinking I want to go back!

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.”                   Aldous Huxley

I hope  you enjoyed my posts on Italy. It will be the last post  on this trip. Other adventures and travel next week.

Grazie e ciao !  Thank you.





18 thoughts on “Florence

  1. Lovely photos. I recognize some streets where I too visited when in Florence. Also, I Iike how you photograph the statues from up close. Very cool that your hotel was so close to the city especially near Ponte Vecchio, mine was a little far out but still so nice- as seen in my post Florentine Vibe.

  2. Eccezionale Firenze,davvero uno spettacolo,sia il tuo reportage di foto che le informazioni, complimenti cara France,ottimo lavoro, come sempre molto curato e ben dettagliato.

  3. Florence is a must! It is such a historic city that shaped medieval Italian politics, economics and ignited the renaissance. If we ever have an opportunity to return to Italy, we will definitely spend a few days in Florence!

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    • I am happy this post inspired you. If you want to go, you will one day. It is quite interesting as photos ( or just a name) can work on our desire to see a place. Florence is very touristic but so nice to visit. Thank you so much for your comment.

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