Cinque Terre (part 3)

In “real time” it is February 2017    but the events of this post happened in September 2016. It is part 3 of  4 of our time in Cinque Terre.  I  hope you enjoy reading my story.

Another good day for a hike in Cinque Terre. While we waited for our new friends, I could observe”the locals”, the people who live in Vernazza.  I watched workers bringing goods on trolley,  old ladies sitting  on a bench to have a chat and a young mom walking down the main street with  her baby carriage. Of course, we also noticed the tourists with their back packs or suitcases heading to the train station.  As soon as our  friends arrived  by train,  we started our hike .  Again, we appreciated  the views on Vernazza .It was wonderful to see the village from above. The color of the water was just fantastic. We saw some guys working on the trail.

We ended up in Corniglia at noon. Corniglia is a quiet town-the only one of the five villages not on the water. The buildings, narrow lanes and stairways of Corniglia are strung together amid vineyards high on cliffs.  We  found a little restaurant to have lunch  and  visited the town . I liked it. It was maybe more quiet than the other villages because the tourists cannot come here by boat. We can only  get there  by the road  or the train or by  walking on the  trails.


Later that day,  we arrived in Manarola.   We had a good view of the village . The enchanting pastel houses of Manarola spill down a steep hill overlooking a spectacular turquoise swimming cove and a bustling harbor. The whole town is built on black rock. Above the town, ancient terraces still protect abundant vineyards and olive trees. This village is the center of the wine and olive production of the region and its streets are lined with shops selling local products.


dsc02462We were very  happy with our day.  Philippe ( our new friend ) went for a swim…dsc02466

while we looked for a place to  have a cold beer and relax . Then, our friends  took the train to La Spezia and us  to Vernazza . We were going to meet again the next day for the last hike  between Manarola and Riomaggiore. This will be the last and next post on CT. It might inspire you to visit and I think you should if you can.  Thanks for reading .

Ciao !!! My next post , next week-end ! Have a good week.






6 thoughts on “Cinque Terre (part 3)

  1. The town seems to be more vibrant then we envision, probably because we were predisposed to stories of how villages in rural Italy are being depopulated of young people…Perhaps the Cinque Terre attracts such a following that the vibrancy comes along with the tourists.

      • Oh. But all the same. We read about small villages particularly in the south of Italy which seems devoid of younger folks. Perhaps Manarola and Vernazza are along tourist routes and thus more jobs there?

      • I think the season with tourists ( April to October) give them a chance to live. It is after all an area that many want to see. The trails are interesting for many . Some sleep there and some sleep close by. Anyway, to stay in the village they were born is a decision that only them can make. If they have a job then I guess it is fine for them to stay. I think it might be a bit like Corsica ( some will want to stay and some will want to move away).

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