We have now been traveling for almost 3 weeks.  Our  days of walk  in Piedmont were  really great ( if you missed my posts on it , check it out). We took the train from Turin to Genova where we were going to spend 2 full days. As soon as we arrived , we had a few hours to explore  before   dinner.  Genova is one of Europe’s largest cities  on  the Mediterranean Sea and the largest seaport in Italy. it is the capital of Liguria and the 6th largest city of the country. Part of the old town was inscribed on the World Heritage List  (UNESCO). Genova is  the birthplace  of  Christopher Colombus. I bet you  thought he was Spaniard. Genova  is twinned with Baltimore (USA).

We walked  by many religious buildings.  They seem to be so many  in each cities we visited.  In Genova  are listed : Church (17) , Basilica (4) , Oratorio (2), Sanctuario (1), Cathedral (1). We went in many of them. I really  enjoyed the facade of the San Lorenzo Cathedral. The building is a mix of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. It was built between the 12th and the 14th century with some later additions. The interior of the Cathedral was spectacular but taking good photos was difficult.


As we walked a lot , we could appreciate the architecture of the buildings  and the caruggi ( typical Genoese alleys).dsc01404



Palazzo Rosso. (Art gallery)dsc01432

Piazza de Ferrari.dsc01473

Pesto is a sauce originating in Genoa. It  originated around the 16th century and traditionally consists of crushed garlic, basil and pine nuts blended with Parmesan cheese and olive oil. I love pesto. Do  you ?


We walked all day long. The weather was perfect. At  night,  we were able to have our dinner outside.

On my next post, I will talk about the  day we spent with  our Italian friends. They were wonderful guides. We enjoyed very much everything we saw that day.  It was another great day in Italy.

Ciao !!





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