Walking in Italy (part 4)


It is now our last day of walking in Alba/Le Langhe.  On that day, we were going to reach Alba where we started 6 days earlier.

We left Neive and walked by vineyards and the town of Barbaresco that is famous for its wine production of the same name.  Many find this wine easier on the palate than Barolo and more consistent in type and quality. It has even been called Italy’s finest classified wine. The slopes around the village of Barbaresco are the most intensely cultivated of the Langhe.


A solar clock in the village of Barbaresco.


“Da laborem, dabo fructus.” Give your labor, give fruit.

Not much sun all day long but still a pleasant walk with nice landscapes. How not to like to be right there in the middle of all this nature that will produce  great wine.  Our day was not so long as we arrived early enough in Alba to have lunch outside.  We had done more than 13 km that morning and we wanted to celebrate a little. A good lunch in a piazza followed  by  gelato. I love Italy. The food is good and the wine excellent.


We already visited Alba. We knew very well where to go for our apero time. It came again with some food to nibble.  The next morning , we would be going back to Turin and from there we took the train to go to Genova. This will be my story in the next post.

Only a few days before the New Year so it is my chance to wish you the best in 2017. More on my European travel in 2017. The next story should be posted on  January 8,2017.

Happy New Year. Bonne Année. Felice Anno Nuovo. Feliz Año Nuevo.


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