Walking in Italy (part 3)

This week, I  decided to post my story earlier than Sunday. As Sunday is Christmas  and you might all be very busy celebrating. Happy Holidays to you.

Our self-guided walk continue in ITALY.

Day 5. Walked from Benevello to Neive. 19.5 km. The trail passes through forests and orchards. We had to put our raincoat for a bit . Only a few drops of rain  but the sky was rather cloudy and the path was muddy.


We were in the rolling hills of the wine country with vineyards dedicated to Barbaresco, a light version of Barolo.

During our morning walk, we saw a man and his dog. It was a  truffle hunter. The season had just started.


We were rather happy to find a good restaurant  in Treiso to have lunch. It seems that eating has been the center of our time during those walking days !  The village of Treiso is presented here in  a watercolor  image ( a special setting I can do with my camera).


What should we eat ? I think the ravioli would be a good choice with insalatona  mista.


Every time, we passed some fig trees, our friend David wanted to pick some and a few time we taste them. Delicious !  The leaves were changing color. We tasted the grapes also from time to time. There were so sweet.




After 19.5 km, we arrived in  Neive, a quaint little village. We had time to wander before dinner.  An old church, a bell  tower, some interesting architecture, people having a drink outside. It was September 21  but we had been quite lucky with good weather. And we only had one more day to walk in this area.

A little more about this walk in my next post. I think I will  post it  next Friday.

Thanks so much for reading.




3 thoughts on “Walking in Italy (part 3)

  1. Thank you for all your wonderful Posts, which we enjoy reading so much. We wish you all the best for this Christmas season, and for the new year THANKYOU for your special calendar which I will use from Jan 1st and think about you every day! Much love, Pam and Charlesxxxxx

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