Walking in Italy (part 2)

Hello ! I am back to tell you a  more about our walking days in Italy.  This post is a longer than usual as I want to share on all the days we walked in Le Langhe.

Too soon we had to leave the castle in Verduno . The breakfast was wonderful with lots of choice of food.  By 9 AM, we were ready to go.  We  enjoyed so much the landscapes and the good weather.  We arrived in the village of La Morra where we wanted to take a break for  coffee and a short look around. The view from Piazza Castello was stunning.


We followed Sentieri di Barolo. Walking through the finest vineyards in Italy was awesome. I took time to look back at the little town of La Morra.


By midday we arrived in Barolo, a medieval village surrounded by hills covered in nebbliolo vines. It was market day where people can buy truffles, pasta and more local products.  But  for us, it was lunch time.   We were happy to sit and enjoy a good meal. The guys enjoyed a glass of Barolo! I was content with a risotto cooked in wine !



We walked some more and took more photos of the grapes before we reached our next village: Monforte d’Alba.


This  is one of the most interesting town in the Langhe area. We stayed in an amazing hotel called : Le Case della Saracca. Located in the historical center of the little village, its highest and most picturesque part.  The building has been carefully restored to preserve this medieval atmosphere. Only 6 rooms at this B & B. We had time to go explore before our ritual apero time and dinner with our friends.


The next morning, another great breakfast. We did not have to pack our bags that morning as we were going to come back for one more night in Monforte. We  had beautiful scenery to enjoy all day long with the vista of Monte Viso  (3841 m) , the highest mountain of the Cottian Alps.


It was still quite early but I noticed some people working in the vineyards. They were not cutting the grapes yet but removing some leaves. Maybe to help the sun shine better on the grapes.  I  stopped to take a photo of the two women. They looked at me.


We tried not go get lost. We were not always so sure if  we were on the right trail but at the end we did well and our walk was more than 18 km that day.  Steeper hills, hazelnuts and fruit orchards.


We  stopped in Roddino for a break and had a little chat with the owner of the cafe. Life is small villages seems just great.  From Serravalle delle Langhe we got a ride to go back to Monforte.  Another  good dinner was in order !

The next day, starting our  walking (day 4) in Serravalle, we  were heading north following a ridge above the Belbo River. Passing through truffle territory, we had to open and close some fences. We had a break (for cappuccino and bathroom) in Abaretto della Torre. Yes, there was a tower (as Torre means tower) but we did not climb it. Little kids were playing in the park where we had our coffee and snack.

We reached Benevello after more than 20 km walk. We were ready to rest. I also wanted to go to the pool although the weather was not so hot. We had a very fancy dinner at the restaurant of the hotel.

I will continue this story in my next post. It looks like every Sunday I have a new post for you… and I always appreciate your comment. Grazie.











8 thoughts on “Walking in Italy (part 2)

  1. This looks like a beautiful walk, I would love to do some walks abroad and Italy seems like the perfect place to do it! Did you get to try any of the wine? 😊

  2. Your walking tour of Italy is turning out to be very beautiful. I love the vineyards spread over the hills. So beautiful. And that one shot of the buildings in the town, with the hanging baskets of flowers and the glowing light… wow, gorgeous!
    Grapes mold very easily, and they need good air circulation to really grow well. So that, I think, is why they remove certain leaves…. if the leaves are blocking the air circulation.
    Another beautiful series of photos!

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