Walking in Italy (Part 1)

The idea to walk here in Italy came from our Australian friends, David and Gayle. We met them last year in Spain when we walked on the Camino de Santiago. If you didn’t see my posts on it, you can easily find it on my blog.   Exploring part of Italy this way was a great idea.

I have been in Italy twice before. In Rome, many years ago and only for 3 days. In Venice in 2012 for 5 days. So, I couldn’t say that I knew much about Italy. But I was certainly interested to see it a little more. I even tried to learn some of the language to make me feel a little more at ease.

Hidden Italy offers self-guided tours in different  area of Italy.  We had transportation from Turin to Alba.  We had our bags transported between each hotels that was booked for us. We also chose to have our dinners booked . What we needed to do was to prepare physically to cover the distance we were going to do during the 6 days of this tour. We had a booklet  describing our daily walks. The distance for the first day was only 14km but we think we did a little more  (16.5km)

We left Alba passing by the Ferrero factory. dsc00105

Walking with our walking sticks was good.


We were on a “pista ciclabile”(a cycle path) but not very busy at all.  We saw a few bikes and 2 people walking. We  arrived  in a  small  village  called Roddi  where  there  was a  church (of course) but also a café. We had time to go inside the Baroque church.


This lovely village is famous for the white truffles and the truffle dog training school operating since 1880. There was  an interesting display about truffles. We took time to look at it and learn a little more on this topic.


We had lunch before we continued with our afternoon walk. We passed through vineyards and hazelnut groves. For the first three days of our walk we  were in the heart of the noble Barolo district.  The grapes were still  hanging as it was not yet harvest time.


It was very enjoyable to walk through this area. I don’t recall that we met other walkers except at the beginning of the day, a couple from the area. It was great to be walking at our own pace, stopping when we wanted. Mid-afternoon,  we arrive in the village we were going to spend the night: Verduno.


A small hilltop village.  We were going to stay in the Real Castello.  A castle !!  In 1953, part of the castle was converted into a hotel. Our room was big and the view on the vineyards was great.


Shortly after we arrived, there was thunder and rain. We stayed inside and relax. It was soon time for a very nice meal with local wine of course.

More on  our walks  through Piedmont in my next post. Thanks for reading.










5 thoughts on “Walking in Italy (Part 1)

  1. Wow! This sounds like a wonderful adventure! I am so glad you are having a chance to do all these things. So… I wonder when they harvest the grapes!?
    Looking forward to seeing more of your Italy walk!

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