Travel in Europe (2016)

Some of you have followed my travel adventures for a while and by now you know that I travel  many weeks every year. I am lucky to be doing so because I like it.   I also like to share it with you.

This year, we had a new adventure. We visited  friends in Switzerland. It was my third visit in Geneva.  While we were there we went on a day trip to France. In Europe, it is so easy to go from one country to another. Quite different from crossing our borders here in Canada.

I wanted to visit Aix-les-Bains and Annecy. They were both interesting  towns.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at this restaurant in Aix-les-Bains. The crêpes were delicious  and the owner very friendly.  It is a custom to drink some cider with the crêpes.  And we did!


Aix-les-Bains  was an interesting visit as it was market day.



It is possible to buy non-pasteurized milk in a machine. 1 liter costs 1 Euro.


Then, we drove to Annecy,  one of the ornaments of Savoie. The purity of the lake and the beauty of its setting compels Annéciens outdoors – in good weather it seems everyone is hanging out in pavement cafes, mountain-gazing along the lakefront, swimming in the lake, or just aimlessly cycling around it.  And for us, it was a  good day to stroll in the town.  The architecture is very  nice. I liked particularly walking and looking at the old buildings.




More to come on my travels. Thanks for your visit and comment.




7 thoughts on “Travel in Europe (2016)

  1. I didn’t know you went to Switzerland!
    Your visit to these French towns looks like a beautiful side trip. I see there are canals, which look beautiful.
    So, why would a person want unpasteurized milk? Just wondering. Is it different… in taste, maybe?
    As always, fascinating!

    • I don’t know…when I grew up in Quebec we drank “raw milk”..the milk for my dad’s farm… and I must tell you the taste of fresh grass we did not like very much when the cows started to be outside after winter ! so much to learn I will try to find out if I get time. tks for your comment Mary. always very appreciated that you take time to say something..!!

  2. Je viens de regarder ton blog sur tes voyages en Europe; très intéressant et tu vas sûrement nous ajouter encore bien d’autres photos et textes.
    Annecy est une ville qui m’attire depuis bien des années. Peut-être que je pourrai la visiter un jour. Tu sembles avoir bien apprécié cet endroit!
    Je vais essayer de venir visiter ton blog plus souvent!

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